Koryn Woodward Wasson

Written by Amy Young Category: Arts Issue: May 2016
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Koryn Woodward Wasson’s upswept golden hairdo seems to emit an electric glow that surrounds the native Arizonan artist and educator. It’s like an ethereal extension of her artwork, which pops with concepts and buzzes with bold colors.

Watergraphs – a series of watercolor paintings imbued with hues of blue, green and purple – showcases her passion for color. She plans to complete one per day for the entire year of 2016. Wasson says she has recently “really gotten in touch with nature,” and channels that affection into painting, combined with the use of a Spirograph – the 1960s geometric drawing toy – to render her take on elements of the natural world, like billowy clouds, and the native succulents that dot her outdoor strolls. The softness of her painting and the sharpness of the Spirograph come together in a well-woven, intriguing and vibrant look at desert growth.

Wasson started taking drawing lessons at age 7 and went on to earn a BFA in arts education with an emphasis on printmaking from ASU. The desire to share her skills with others was inherent at an early age. “I always knew I wanted to teach art,” she says. She now heads the visual arts program at the Metropolitan Arts Institute in Phoenix.

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In 2014, she worked with her husband, artist Roy Wasson Valle, to create the Camp Dreamtree installation at Scottsdale’s Civic Center Library, which re-created an explorative scout camp, complete with programs like bird-watching, and interactive achievement trails. They are working on taking the installation to new locations. 

You can see more of Wasson’s work at tinyurl.com/j4rkoey.