Jossy Lownes

Written by Dolores Tropiano Category: Arts Issue: November 2012

Lownes, 71, has found her greatest acclaim in acrylic pieces that combine abstract and contemporary figurative art with a “hands on” approach: “I like the freedom of doing finger work or line work,” Lownes says. “I put gloves on and put paint on the canvas with my fingers instead of a brush. It’s more immediate and gives a more unpredictable mark. It is more of the gesture of the figure than a portrait look.” But Lownes refuses to “finger” the specific meaning of her hand-to-canvas paintings. “I want viewers to relate to the situation and how it makes them feel,” she explains. “Even though I can say the painting is of people walking down the street, I want it to be more nebulous.”

Lownes’ paintings were a hit at the Celebration of Fine Art in January (she’ll be there again in 2013), and her north Scottsdale studio will be open to the public November 16-18 and 23-25 for the Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour ( Check out her work at