Scottsdale author Marcia Fine tells the story of a Jewish family during the Mexican Inquisition in Hidden Ones: A Veil of Memories.

Hidden History

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Arts Issue: June 2017
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Hidden Ones: A Veil of Memories

The history of the Catholic, Mormon and indigenous religions in the Southwest is well-documented. But Jewish history? Not so much. Scottsdale author Marcia Fine hopes to change that with her fourth historical fiction novel Hidden Ones: A Veil of Memories (L’Image Press, $16.95). Fine weaves the tale of the Sephardic Jewish Crespin family, which secretly practices Judaism during the Mexican Inquisition (a continuation of the Spanish Inquisition in the New World) in the 17th century. She brings her assiduous research to life with her fully fleshed-out characters who are at turns feisty, fearful and faithful.

— Leah LeMoine