Scottsdale jeweler Heidi Abrahamson creates wearable art.

Heidi Abrahamson

Written by Corbin Chamberlin Category: Arts Issue: August 2016
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Before Heidi Abrahamson became the silver-slinging, ultra-talented jewelry designer that she is today, she was a visual merchandiser for Burberry and The Bon Marché in Seattle. In a collision of fabulous taste and a $50 jewelry making class at the now-closed Arizona Mining and Mineral Museum in Phoenix, Abrahamson found her niche.

In a medium that can be rich in tacky and bling-y jewels, Abrahamson’s work is refreshingly refined. Though she does it all, Abrahamson’s rings speak loudest: bold modernist silver bands usher pops of coral and other sophisticated toppings. Abrahamson’s work is exposed, thoughtful and literally gives the wearer a sense of constant inspiration – like walking around with your favorite piece of art on your finger.

Abrahamson studied fine arts and interior design at Indiana University before moving to Scottsdale in 1995. “Sometimes inspiration sneaks in...  Arizona is beautiful. The mountains, the rock formations – all so ‘brutal,’ which is, in fact, a love of mine,” she says. With 17,500 followers on Pinterest, Abrahamson stands alone as a local tastemaker – her personal style is classic cool-girl chic. Think Diane Keaton’s better-dressed sister.

Of her design process, Abrahamson says, “I started out being inspired by the Scandinavian and American Modernists of the ‘60s through ‘70s, and that still continues, but even more so, modern architecture and industrial design, now. I wanted to make small sculptures, instead of jewelry that starts out with a stone, followed by design being the embellishment around the stone. I feel happier, more free with my latest work.”

See Abrahamson’s work at and For The People, 5102 N. Central Ave., Phoenix.

– Corbin Chamberlin