Heart Detour

Written by Niki D'Andrea Category: Arts Issue: June 2016
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PHM0616PF HD 02Amy Silverman says having a child with Down syndrome is the most interesting thing that’s ever happened to her – and her book, My Heart Can’t Even Believe It (Woodbine House), may be one of the most interesting things you’ll ever read. Throughout this “story of science, love, and Down syndrome,” Silverman shares stories about her daughter Sophie that range from heartbreaking (two open-heart surgeries as an infant), to bittersweet (everyone in Silverman’s family has curly hair, but Sophie never will because of Down syndrome), to beautiful (Silverman sees an adult with Down syndrome overjoyed on a carousel ride at Disneyland and it gives her optimism that her child will be OK). Woven within the narrative are Silverman’s old journal entries, photos and forays into the genetic research into Down syndrome. It’s a masterfully told tale that grabs the heart, and makes it believe.