Kentucky transplant Michael Pierre Price draws inspiration from math, physics and spirituality.

Artist of the Month: Michael Pierre Price

Written by Niki D'Andrea Category: Arts Issue: December 2016
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“I see math and physics as god’s language,” artist Michael Pierre Price says. “And I mean ‘god’ in a conceptual way.”

Price’s highly conceptual work – a blend of digital art and photography – reflects what he calls his “spiritual-math-physics nexus.” Digital manipulations of nature scenes with shadowy forests, blurry birds and sunbaked deserts speak to his attraction to Native American spirituality, while fractals bursting in colorful patterns are influenced by his love of math and science.

After starting to earn a Ph.D. in theoretical astrophysics from the University of Toledo, Price decided not to pursue academia and went into tabletop game design in the early 1980s – for a company that made a little game called Dungeons & Dragons. He spent 30 years developing toys and games before embarking on his artistic path. “[Science] is a very powerful way to touch the inner dreamer,” Price, 62, says. His studio reflects his tech affinity via computers, cameras, advanced software and a hologram system.
Price’s works will be on display in the No Strangers – Annual Members’ Exhibition at Art Intersection in Gilbert, from December 13-January 7. “This is especially exciting for me, because I’m relatively new here,” says Price, who moved to Phoenix from Kentucky with his wife last year. “I’m hoping people will really try to contemplate the art on a different level.” 

– Niki D’Andrea