Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Seth Fairweather

Written by Rebecca L. Rhoades Category: Arts Issue: December 2017
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Glassblower Seth Fairweather fuses glass and metal in his enigmatic figures.

As a pre-med student at Tulane University in New Orleans, Seth Fairweather needed to fulfill an art requirement, so he chose glassblowing. It ignited a passion that had him ditching medicine and chasing the translucent silica compound around the country through studies and work, eventually landing him in the Valley, where he supports his artistic endeavors by teaching glassblowing and casting at Mesa Arts Center and Paradise Valley Community College. Known for his elongated sculptures that seamlessly meld glass forms of humans with industrial steel structures, Fairweather exhibits in galleries across the Southwest and is a fixture at the annual Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale.

photo by Angelina Aragon