Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Doug Bale

Written by Daniel Crumbley Category: Arts Issue: August 2018
Group Free

Painter and digital artist Doug Bale creates colorful collages in his cluttered workspace.

The digital series “Meditation Heads” contains vector images Bale created on his iPad with Autodesk Sketchbook and Adobe Illustrator.Flanked by a window, painter and digital artist Doug Bale’s corner of shared studio space, Studio G, off Seventh Avenue and Thomas Road, is a collage come to life. It’s here that Bale constructs modern and abstract collages that are as random as they are intriguing ( Inspired by his brother’s love of art, as well as films like Julian Schnabel’s Basquiat, he creates assemblages meant to convey a forward, positive mode of thought. “I have always been inspired by the abstract and local artists,” Bale says. His artistry isn’t about technicality, but about sparks of inspiration and thought, which lend his work an untethered quality. It isn’t about limitation, but realization, Bale says as he discusses his mural at Trans Am Phx café. “Art is so subjective,” he says, “If someone enjoys your art, you are super lucky. For me, I am more excited if people get something totally bizarre from my art that I don’t get at all.”

photo by Angelina Aragon