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Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Amy Guerrero

Written by Nicole Tyau Category: Arts Issue: January 2018
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Moss Points North
According to artist Amy Guerrero, macramé is experiencing a heck of a comeback. A boho hallmark of 1970s home décor, it’s now practiced as a fiber art, with natural fabrics woven, braided and knotted into intricate patterns. Guerrero’s line, Moss Points North, features macramé as well as plant hangers and wall-hung weavings. “Fiber art has been an interest of mine since I was really young,” Guerrero says. “That stems from friendship bracelets to cross-stitching early on. Macramé was a natural inclination of mine to explore the texture of fibers.” This year, Guerrero is expanding her offerings to include DIY workshops, so you can create with her in her studio (

She keeps her work on the walls while she waits for them to sell online or in pop-up shops and markets. She says they inspire her to create more.

Macramé requires an extreme level of attention to detail. Her knots are so precise that she uses a level for every row.

Guerrero is drawn to natural colors of American cotton. “Sourcing my materials in America was really important to me because my product, in the end, is made in America and made in Phoenix, Arizona.”

Her macramé art pieces can take up to a week to make, depending on size and the patterns she weaves into the design.