PeaboPots’ cement pottery turns everyday objects into beautiful planters.

Art Break: Studio Snapshot – Matt Pfeilstucker of PeaboPots

Written by Nikole Tower Category: Arts Issue: August 2017
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It wasn’t until after Matt Pfeilstucker moved from his hometown of Detroit to the Valley of the Sun that he took his passion for cement pottery to the market. He made his first pot in 1999, and about eight years ago he started selling them at Phoenix Public Market’s Open Air Market. PeaboPots was born. Today he continues to make the cement pots as well as cactus sculptures, casts of Phoenix architecture and anything else he thinks would make an interesting model. PeaboPots can be found at Frances Vintage, Practical Art and at

—  Nikole Tower

“Whenever I went to Starbucks, I would say my name was Peabo,” Pfeilstucker says. As a fan of ‘80s and ‘90s music, he adopted the name from R&B star Peabo Bryson, who sang the original Beauty and the Beast theme song with Céline Dion. 
Every cactus mold is shaped from a live cactus growing in Pfeilstucker’s backyard. After giving the plant a little “haircut” by trimming the needles, he pours silicone over it and, once it takes shape, the cactus is removed and replaced with cement.
“I use different kinds of cements, anything that’s lightweight and porous,” Pfeilstucker says. “If you overwater, then it evaporates on the sides. You don’t need drain holes because the whole pot breathes.”
Aside from pots, Pfeilstucker has molded Barbie heads, spiky Asian cucumbers, ice cream cones, emoji magnets and more.