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Under The Radar: Pizza al Taglio
While Scottsdale’s Pomo Pizzeria was busy earning a reputation as a local titan of wood-fired pizza Napoletana, its little sister under the same roof, Forno Fabbri, has been quietly producing an altogether different style, rarely seen in the States. Pizza al taglio (or pizza Romana) is made with a wet dough that’s left to rise, often for multiple days, and baked in large sheet pans to produce a thick, airy crust with a crisp bottom. All of Forno Fabbri’s six slices are excellent, but the Rustica, topped with chunks of potato, pancetta, provolone, onions and rosemary, is just a cobblestone street and a few feral cats shy of a stroll through a Roman neighborhood.
8977 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale, 480-907-5202,


Booze News: The Arizona Beer Bill
Arizona’s burgeoning craft beer scene has been good for brewers and connoisseurs alike, but its growing pains received some much-needed legislative attention on March 31, when Governor Doug Ducey signed SB 1030, the Arizona Beer Bill, into law. A point-by-point breakdown:

Breweries can now produce up to 200,000 barrels per year without having to shut down their brewpubs. The biggest immediate beneficiary is Four Peaks Brewing, the lone Arizona brewer to reach the former 40,000-barrel-per-location maximum.

Relaxed guest tap privileges will help encourage collaboration and cross-promotion between local beer makers.

The ability to extend their restaurant revenue and additional clarity written into the law now make it possible for brewers to project their transition from a micro (under 40,000 barrels) to macro brewer.


Eat With Your Eyes: A Dollar’s Worth of Lobster Roll
It’s summer, and summer means lobster rolls. If lobster rolls were as inexpensive as hamburgers, we would have already eaten the chitinous critters into extinction. There’s a reason restaurants charge as much as they do. From the folks on the boat to the server who delivers it to your table, where does the average lobster roll dollar go?

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 3 Best Bites for June: New and Noteworthy
This month’s best bites come courtesy of three new restaurants on the scene.

Lamb Tajine @ Couscous Express
Alzohour Market finally has some company, as Couscous Express has officially doubled the city’s Moroccan restaurant population. Brimming with character and delicious scents, this cozy new joint on McDowell serves a tender and fragrant lamb tajine, not to mention a killer carrot salad.
1915 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix,

Char Kway Teow @ BP Street Café
At long last, Malaysian cuisine has returned to the Valley. The newly opened BP Street Café offers classics like laksa, roti canai, and a mighty tasty char kway teow: sweet and pungent stir-fried rice noodles served with sambal belacan, a Malaysian chile sauce.
1845 E. Broadway Rd., Tempe,

Spain Pizza @ Craft 64
We need another pizza like we need a 122-degree afternoon, but the Spain pizza at Craft 64 in Old Town is worth braving the summer heat. Sauced with a mix of tomato and harissa and topped with chorizo, olives, and slivered almonds, the pizza also proffers a crisp, blistered crust -- one of the best in town.
6922 E. Main St., Scottsdale,

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