Career Day at Desert Mirage Elementary School

Written by Leah LeMoine Category: Adventures Issue: May 2016
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Desert Mirage Elementary SchoolLast Monday, I went back to school.

School counselor Sarah Davis of Desert Mirage Elementary School in Glendale emailed the PHOENIX magazine staff a month or so ago and inquired about our availability and interest in speaking with sixth, seventh and eighth graders at Desert Mirage as part of its Career Day presentations. Because I love kids – and miss my own elementary school days in the West Valley – I jumped at the chance, despite being a timid public speaker. (I'm a writer, not an orator, after all).

Presentation jitters notwithstanding, Career Day went rather swimmingly. My host, Ms. Robertson, was a delight, as were the students who populated each of the four blocks of time I had for my presentation. I wanted to keep the kids engaged, so I walked them through a typical month in the life of a PHOENIX magazine editor (we don't have typical days around here, but we do have a monthly cycle that produces one new issue each month), interviewed one brave kid in the front row in each class, and had the kids interview each other so they could get a taste of what it's like to be a journalist.

As a bonus, I told the students that if they wrote a paragraph “profile” about their interview partner and sent it to me, I'd post it on the magazine's blog so that they, too, could be published journalists. One intrepid student took me up on it and sent me this great profile of her classmate.

Alexandra Denise Martinez, a seventh grader at Desert Mirage Elementary, lives with her mother and is the oldest out of her and her sister Ariana. Alexandra doesn't see her father much, but they keep in touch and talk on the phone. Her advice is to stay strong in situations like this, although she is just like most young teens. She enjoys watching mystery and drama shows such as The Vampire Diaries and Switched at Birth. Alex also enjoys rap and hip-hop music. Her favorite artists are Drake, Selena Gomez and Chris Brown. Although she enjoys online activities, she also enjoys the outdoors and exercising. For example, she loves to hike and run. She says that when she is older she would have a choice of three careers: a professional dancer, a singer, or a photographer. Although she prefers these choice of careers, she says that she will always be open to new opportunities and choices.
- Savannah Renteria, 7th grader at Desert Mirage