Wednesday, May 27, 2015

More Lake Powell!

Group Free

Check out exclusive video with Tara at the Ja'di'To'oh Restaurant and go on a wild boat tour of Slot Canyon at Antelope Point Marina. Also, as promised, Tara's slideshow of Lower Antelope Canyon-


Antelope Point Marina Slot canyon boat tour - Hop on board the pontoon for an up close look at Antelope Canyon from the water!



Ja'di'To'oh Restaurant at Antelope Point marina  - Tara eats like royalty at the Ja'di'To'oh restaurant as her old pal, executive chef Roland Schebesta hooks her up with pizza, cedar plank salmon and prime rib!



The Big Dog - Antelope Point Marina owner Jerrry Moyes takes Tara on a quick private tour of his houseboat, The Big Dog! He is definitely covered when it comes to lifevests on board!




Tara's Lower Antelope Canyon slideshow (*with some surprisingly good shots from her husband Kenn)

  • Tara's guide Daisy

  • Heading into the canyon

  • Tara with husband Kenn

  • Another Slot Canyon photo op

  • Tara takes a beauty shot

  • Tara's husband Kenn snaps a NatGeo-like picture

  • Daisy's husband James joins the group

  • More from Kenn

  • Tara's husband is on a picture taking frenzy

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