Monday, July 28, 2014



The Token American

PHM0814PFILE017Unlike the majority of her teammates, Melyssa Olsen didn’t grow up playing netball. As an American, she played basketball throughout her youth. But when Hall approached her last year and told her about netball, she was curious. After observing the team and figuring out the rules of the game, Olsen became the goal defender, a position she was familiar with from her basketball experience.


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Cocktail Camp at The Gladly

Mixologist Brian Goodwin and PHOENIX editor Craig Outhier conduct class


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Deserts Map

A map of the “food deserts” across Phoenix.


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Behind the Scenes at Four Seasons and Hotel Palomar

An inside look at our poolside shoots for Cool Staycations


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More Lake Powell!

Check out exclusive video with Tara at the Ja'di'To'oh Restaurant and go on a wild boat tour of Slot Canyon at Antelope Point Marina. Also, as promised, Tara's slideshow of Lower Antelope Canyon-


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GoPro Adventure in Aravaipa Canyon

If our foray into breathtaking Aravaipa Canyon in 101 Things Every Arizonan Should Do piqued your interest, get a real eyeful of its natural beauty in this web extra.


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Hootenanny at Handlebar-J!

As we learned in this month’s Arizona Country Roads feature, music fans flock to Handlebar-J every week to see The Herndon Brothers & J. David Sloan. Get an inside look at the band in this exclusive web video.


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More Beer!

Pop the tops with our staff and see the summer suds up-close in this behind-the-scenes video from our beer tasting.


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Meaty Bits

0614PHMPF17In the June 2014 issue of PHOENIX magazine, we took you behind-the-scenes at Ben and Jack’s Steakhouse in Scottsdale ( to see how Chef Admir Alibasic makes the restaurant’s delectable dry-aged steaks. Here are a few other places around the Valley where you can score one of these special cuts:


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Taras Super Staycation

The Valley adventurist forages the landscape in our own backyard.


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