Wednesday, May 27, 2015



SCAD Video

This month, we detail Scottsdale resident Robert Alico’s mission to raise awareness of Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) through funding Mayo Clinic research. Learn more about this little-known condition in this video from Alico’s SCAD Research foundation.


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Guacamole at Barrio Urbano

Barrio Urbano owner Silvana Salcido Esparza makes the media rounds this month. In addition to making the cut for our Mexican Food Guide, Barrio Urbano leads the reviews in our food section. Learn how to make Barrio’s guacamole with this how-to video.


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Mas Tequila!

As our story Tequila Fun-Rise illustrates, the science of pairing tequila with food has become more refined. Find even more pairing possibilities from Upward Projects beverage director Brent Karlicek in this web extra.

Everybody knows tequila tastes delicioso with Mexican food – tacos and margaritas are practically a religion in these parts, whether it’s Taco Tuesday or Thirsty Thursday. But what about non-Mexican foods? Can tequila hold its own against Pad Thai? Can it complement pecan pie? We presented Upward Projects beverage director Brent Karlicek with a list of challenging dishes and asked him for their best partners in tequila. We thought we’d stump him, but Karlicek’s thorough, thoughtful answers prove this isn’t his first tequila rodeo.


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Mad Skills

Is it a wheelchair or a tank? In this video, we go inside the garage of Lance Greathouse (Moguls of Mobility) and get a load of his army of innovative electric wheelchairs. We also talk to some of the beneficiaries of his mod-mobilized masterpieces.


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Bud Butter

As revealed in our feature Risky Business, everybody from conservative businessmen to long-haired restaurateurs are getting in on Arizona’s budding medical marijauna industry. In this video, chef Payton Curry demonstrates how to make cannabis butter.


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Behind the Scenes with Amy Van Dyken

Amy Van Dyken - Olympic Swimmer & Survivor
We spent an evening in a hidden Scottsdale meadow with the Olympic swimming champion and spinal cord injury survivor to capture images for this month’s Spotlight. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of our shoot in this exclusive video and an extended Q&A with Amy.


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Sherri Finkbine Photos

The Romper Room hostess’ thalidomide abortion in 1962 is one of the most well-known and impactful terminations of a pregnancy in history. See several vintage images in this web extra, to accompany this month’s History story (Unborn Yesterday).


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Cocktail Guide Extras

Our Cocktail Guide overfloweth. See our web extra for extended Q&As with bartenders, more top drink picks, photo extras and more.


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90 Seconds with Rob Halford

See how we prepared for a 90-second, pre-concert photoshoot with the singer of Judas Priest, subject of this month’s “Spotlight”.


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Behind the Scenes at Bitter & Twisted

The photoshoot for our Cocktail Guide opener was a major, model-packed event. Get a glimpse behind the glamour in this web extra video.


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