Monday, April 27, 2015

Rainbow Veggie Plate

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phoenix public market cafe, vegetable plateHealthy eating has become a higher priority for Aaron Chamberlin, owner of Phoenix Public Market Café and sister restaurant St. Francis, since he first opened shop. Leading a local food revolution will do that. So he created “Eat the Rainbow,” a salad/crudité plate ($8.75) that features steamed, roasted, marinated and raw vegetables on a bed of greens, served with three dipping sauces on the side. “The more colorful the vegetables you eat generally, the more nutritious they are,” he says. “We use whatever is in season.”

A typical “rainbow” might include spinach tossed in a delicate wash of lemon vinaigrette, steamed baby carrots, cauliflower and broccoli with raw Persian cucumber, watermelon radishes and spears of crunchy Belgian endive. “The idea is to have different cooking techniques, flavor combinations and textures,” Chamberlin says. To enhance the vegetables, Chamberlin whips up a tangy mayonnaise curry dip with lime juice; a spicy mayonnaise with sambal chili paste, Sriracha and powdered chili, lime juice and sesame oil; and a rich green goddess dip with avocado.

Using locally sourced produce is a priority for Chamberlin, who buys a lot of his fruits and vegetables from vendors (including Maya’s Farm and Crooked Sky) at the adjoining Phoenix Public Market. Freshness also matters, especially in terms of preserving nutrients, he says. “Arizona vegetables shine. We’re getting some spectacular product from these local farmers.” .

Phoenix Public Market Café
14 E. Pierce St., Phoenix