Saturday, May 23, 2015

¶lim¶Valley Doomsday Preppers

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From 2012 doomsday survivalists to closet ‘preppers,’ more and more of our neighbors are secretly stockpiling food, water and weapons to guard against an approaching enemy: us, the unprepared.


When it comes to zombie flicks, Joe Wilson prefers the classics, when gore was gore and zombies were simply the walking undead.

“George A. Romero may have been the best director of zombie movies,” says the 25-year-old former Air Force serviceman, who says he got into watching zombie movies during boring stretches in Iraq. “But he started getting to a point where he was trying to use zombies to point out all of society’s flaws in his movies. Maybe he was always like that,” Wilson allows, recalling the thinly-veiled Vietnam references in Night of the Living Dead, the 1968 Romero film that basically defined the genre. Ten years later, the director’s Dawn of the Dead would liken zombies to brainless consumers of the American shopping mall. “But eventually all those subtle undertones started getting really heavy-handed,” Wilson says, “And I was like, ‘Ah, OK.’”

Wilson is equally put off by heavy-handed interpretations of the organization he belongs to, an international community of horror fans who also happen to be preparedness geeks called the Zombie Squad. The squad was born out of a campfire bull session among five outdoorsy 20-somethings from St. Louis after w

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