Monday, May 25, 2015

¶lim¶Lust in the Dust

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PHM0214 LUST1Led by a cadre of steamy-prose-penning authors, the Valley is fast becoming a romantic fiction hotbed.

When Valley writer Kris Tualla published her first historical romance novel in 2010, she knew even the icy-eyed, steel-chested Norse ravagers in her book, A Woman of Choice, would struggle for attention in a sea of 10 million other romance novels vying for a spot in an shopping cart.

Instead of retreating back to her laptop to accept anonymity, Tualla saw strength in these numbers. She founded Arizona Dreamin’, a romance reader event where novelists convene to meet with their fans, and get acquainted with new fans. That, she decided, would be the best way to market her epic Scandinavian romance.

“I knew I had to be ‘found’ by readers, and that the most effective way to do so was still word of mouth,” she says. “So, I invited 20 other romance authors to link arms with me under the framework of ‘I bring my fans, you bring yours, and we cross-pollinate!’ For those authors who bring at least four fans, this has proven to be a very successful model.”

Arizonan Dreamin’ has become so popular that presenting authors mus

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