Friday, October 31, 2014



Wong in the Tooth

A Valley rock-music institution is reborn – sort of – near the original music venue that made the “Tempe sound” famous.

The old Long Wong’s on Mill was more than a place to score cheap hot wings and cheaper beer – it was also an iconic, nationally-acclaimed music venue where ’90s-era rock junkies could get a regular fix of emerging bands like the Gin Blossoms, The Refreshments and Dead


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Brewed Awakening

Fretzy’s Unfiltered Ale
When Greg Fretz and George Hancock opened Phoenix Ale Brewery last fall, it became the 26th craft brewery in Arizona. That might seem like an ample number for a single state, but comparatively speaking, it’s paltry. The beer-crazy berg of San Diego boasts 33 breweries, and Portland, Oregon – no suds slouch itself – has 29. By craft-brew standards, the Valley and its 4.2 million residents are criminally underserved. 


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Guitar Heroes

A new player on Lower Grand Avenue has just upped the resurgent neighborhood’s cool factor.

On a recent day at the Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery, a handful of students stood at work benches making guitars, while cars outside cruised Grand Avenue past a jumble of old buildings and iconic neighborhood hideaways like the Bikini Lounge.


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Paving the Way

Downtown’s Centennial Way Project transforms a busy Phoenix thoroughfare into ground zero for Arizona’s 100th anniversary celebration.

More than a year ago, Karen Churchard pitched an idea to the Arizona Department of Transportation: Give Washington Street in Downtown Phoenix a facelift.


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100 Years and Counting

On the cusp of Arizona’s Centennial, a Phoenix woman is working to end age discrimination by celebrating Arizonans over age 100.
Just before Doris Krapell’s family moved to Arizona from chilly 
Washington, her father told her she could run around barefoot in her sunny new home whenever she wanted. It was 1928, and Krapell was 17 – just eight months older than the desert state she would soon call home. Unfortunately, her father was misinformed – Flagstaff was just as cold as Bellingham.


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¶lim¶Dead Heat

Traditionally nonpartisan and suspense-free, the Phoenix mayoral election goes down to the wire on November 8 with the city’s first runoff vote in six decades. Bye-bye, civil transfer of power. Hello, slashed tires and partisan bickering. 


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Flower Power

Downtown activists have come up with a creative use for the city’s desolate dirt lots: blooms for biofuel.

The only thing that flourishes on the dusty two-acre lot near Sixth and McKinley streets in Downtown Phoenix is blight. But that’s about to change. More than 20,000 bright yellow sunflowers are poised to bloom there, transforming the space into a so-called Valley of the Sunflowers.


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