Wednesday, October 22, 2014



Food Fight

Sky Harbor Airport’s Terminal 4 will soon be loaded with local eateries, but behind the scenes of the competitive bidding process, tensions are simmering.

Thirty-eight million travelers passed through Phoenix Sky Harbor last year, with approximately 80 percent of them trekking through Terminal 4, robotically snacking on overpriced Cinnabon rolls and reheated Pizza Hut pepperoni slices.


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Dear Mayor...

As Phoenix elects a new mayor, we’ve asked Valley movers and shakers to give the next leader an action plan for taking the city to the next level.

Dear Future Mayor
of Phoenix,

As you know, you’re taking the helm of America’s sixth largest city at a pivotal time. The state has been weakened by budget woes, Downtown is pocked with empty lots and abandoned businesses, and foreclosures run like fissures through the former backbone of our economy.


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¶lim¶Valley Doomsday Preppers

From 2012 doomsday survivalists to closet ‘preppers,’ more and more of our neighbors are secretly stockpiling food, water and weapons to guard against an approaching enemy: us, the unprepared.


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¶lim¶Hells Angels Shootout

After a fierce shootout last year in Chino Valley between members of the Hells Angels and rival bikers the Vagos, it seems a turf battle is brewing. Could Phoenix be a future battleground?

It was a peaceful Saturday morning like any other for Terrance and Judy Schafman – that is, until the outlaw biker gun battle erupted across the street.


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New Desert Park and Preserve

Northwest Valley residents have long been deprived of sweeping desert park land and paint ball facilities. That’s about to change.

Imagine one of Maricopa County’s biggest stretches of unspoiled desert and Western heritage as a perfectly drawn, dusty canvas begging to be hiked, biked and camped on. Now, add major nesting sites for raptors, indigenous plant life and rock features, and the area quickly becomes a laid-back, Old West counterpart to the hectic motorized mania of Lake Pleasant.


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Mesa Monster Museum

The couple behind Mesa’s Midnight Studios FX has constructed creatures for some of the Valley’s most famous fright sites. Now they’re doing it their way.

Kyle and Breanna Thompson’s newest project looks inconspicuous from the outside – as inconspicuous as a downtown Mesa Main Street storefront with a black curtain, faux-iron bars and monsters leering out of it can look.


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Cave Creek Bull Running

Adrenaline junkies, unite: The man who brought Pamplona to Arizona is back, and this time, the running of the bulls is barreling through Cave Creek.

As several perforated Pamplona participants would tell you, bull running isn’t exactly a walk in a cattle-filled park. Just ask Phil Immordino. The Phoenix man who imported the Spanish stampede to America and organized the country’s first (and only) three such events has had his share of hard knocks. The first year, he was arrested for


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