Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Cave Creek Bull Running

Adrenaline junkies, unite: The man who brought Pamplona to Arizona is back, and this time, the running of the bulls is barreling through Cave Creek.

As several perforated Pamplona participants would tell you, bull running isn’t exactly a walk in a cattle-filled park. Just ask Phil Immordino. The Phoenix man who imported the Spanish stampede to America and organized the country’s first (and only) three such events has had his share of hard knocks. The first year, he was arrested for


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Arizona Opera's New Home

The Arizona Opera has good reasons to make a grand entrance into its 2011-12 season. Not only is it coming off a stellar 40th year, but an off-season real-estate purchase will consolidate backstage operations and make opera more visible in a growing Downtown Phoenix cultural area.


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Amnesia Sufferer Scott Bolzan

A brain injury cost a Valley man and former football pro his memory. Now, in his new book, Scott Bolzan explains how he’s relearning the first 46 years of his life.

Around 7 a.m. on December 17, 2008, Scott Bolzan slipped and fell on a pool of liquid cleanser in a restroom near his Tempe office. The back of his head slammed on the floor.


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Adopt a Pet

Thinking about bringing a new furry friend into your family? Learn about Phoenix-based PetSmart’s National Adoption Weekend this month.

About 8 million pets enter shelters every year, and 4 million pets a year are being euthanized, says Michelle Thompson, communications manager for PetSmart Charities. Even worse: No one seems to know how bad it is. The company did a study to see what the general public knew about euthanasia statistics. “We found that the awareness was just really low,” Thompson says.


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Chris Bianco's New Projects

Although asthma took Chris Bianco away from his wood-burning oven, the pizza maestro still has plenty of irons in the fire, with plans for a new restaurant in London, a line of canned organic tomatoes and a local revival of crop grains.

In a quiet nook behind the kitchen of Pane Bianco in central Phoenix, sitting at a wide table brightened by a single sunflower in a Mexican Coke bottle, Chris Bianco reaches into a bowl of worn wooden alphabet


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ASU Discrimination Case

Judge Dismisses Discrimination Case Against ASU

Arizona State University and some of its key employees did not discriminate against one of its tenured professors who had brought a lawsuit against the school, a federal judge has recently ruled. The case was highlighted in an August 2009 story in PHOENIX magazine, titled ASU’s True Colors.


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Tempe Flour Mill Plans

New plans to breathe life into Tempe’s Hayden Flour Mill are being fast-tracked, but will the project be derailed like so many concepts before it?


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