Sunday, March 01, 2015



Where's the Boeuf?

The Great Arizona Picnic is a grade-A party. Just don’t look for Kai or Binkley’s.

Weather permitting, more than 40,000 hungry and thirsty souls will visit the Scottsdale Culinary Festival’s Great Arizona Picnic in late April. It’s easily the biggest and most famous event of its kind in Arizona. The biggest party. The coolest roster of celebrities.

But is it the premier culinary event for people who, you know, actually want to sample cuisine?


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Fare and Balanced

Tempe officials say the forthcoming modern streetcar is just the vehicle to revive the Mill Ave. neighborhood.

“The city’s new $130 million streetcar line begins operations today, closing the final chapter on a five-year mission to provide convenient mass transit to residents and habitués of Tempe’s busy Mill Avenue corridor. Servicing 13 stops on a 2.6-mile route that runs along Mill Avenue from Southern Avenue to Rio Salado Parkway, with a northern loop from Rio Salado to Ash Avenue that reconnects with Mill at University Drive, the service runs every 12-20 minutes. The five 65-foot, 100-seat streetcars draw power from overhead lines and run on battery for stretches.


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All Better Meow

Thanks to some industrious residents, a grassroots trap-and-release program is controlling the chaotic Coronado cat population.

Five cats at one house, perhaps a dozen at another. Their car-hit carcasses were common sights in the neighborhood, and those that survived were painfully emaciated – the area simply didn’t have enough birds, rodents and wild food sources to sustain its growing feral cat population. The residents who tried feeding them were overwhelmed.


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Reality Bytes

Valley visionaries are spearheading computer technologies that enhance your grip on the here-and-now – and take us one step closer to inventing the holodeck.

I put on the glasses and I’m gliding over Mars. The cartographically-accurate surface of the Red Planet rolls below me in 3D. A tiny sun shines dimly. Rusty landscape and twilight skies surround me, even when I look over my shoulder.


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A Heady Brew

When brain cancer attacked his craft-brew-loving wife, Louis Dolgoff devised a charity just for her.

On August 29, 2009, Laurie Dolgoff was near the end of a long, agonizing journey. The cancer in her brain – a glioblastoma multiforme, the most common and malignant of brain tumors – would not be stopped, and the 55-year-old Peoria fashion associate had only meager possession of her faculties. She couldn’t speak and could barely move.


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Bad Medicine

Even after high-profile tragedies, a silent epidemic of prescription drug overprescription, abuse and overdose continues to plague Arizona. 

It was a syringe full of medicine that plunged her down the rabbit hole, and medicine that kept her there, dragging her deeper into a hinterland of darkness, till she could barely remember the woman she once was – or, really, anything at all. 


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Pregnant Pause

A rash of discrimination cases raises the question: How well does Arizona protect its pregnant workers?

Stacey Smith was mystified when her work hours were abruptly docked at Tutor Time in Queen Creek. The Mesa resident says she received glowing reports from both customers and colleagues at the daycare


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