Sunday, May 24, 2015



Players Gonna Play?

PHM0415PF15BWill Escape the Room-Arizona escape the bankrupt fate of other adult role-playing games?

The room is strange and narrow, like a walk-in closet converted into a playroom for a child in the 1980s. A poster of Michael Jackson hangs on the brick wall, keeping watch over the retro exercise bike and analog television illuminated with an Atari video game in reset mode.


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Charity Cases

PHM0415PF12BThese local nonprofits step outside the box and make philanthropy fun.

As far as organizational activities go, 501(c)(3) groups aren't exactly known for their edginess – certainly, their importance in providing awareness and aid for good causes is well-documented, but fundraising is hardly a party – unless you're one of these local nonprofits, each of which takes a new tack toward bettering the world.


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Moguls of Mobility

PHM0415 FlashMobilityArizona's wheelchair customizers are on a roll.

From the front, there’s nothing unusual about the house. You might miss, at a glance, the tiny neon sign sticking out from the wall at one end, glowing with a single word: OPEN.


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Laser Locks

PHM0415PF09BValley doctors give chemo patients and people with pattern baldness confidence in their coiffures.

Dr. Shelly Friedman will be the first to tell you that laser therapy hair restoration is not an FDA-cleared procedure for chemotherapy patients. He will also tell you that based on his experience, it works.


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Change Your Mind

PHM0415 FlashChangeTherapists trumpet EMDR as a PTSD treatment that really works – even if no one’s sure how.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy sounds like hypnosis – somebody asks you to follow their fingers with your eyes in an attempt to access your subconscious and suggest thought-pattern changes. But unlike hypnosis, EMDR has no stereotypical connotations of making people cluck like chickens and is a highly respected therapy with well-documented results – even if “follow my fingers with your eyes” is a far cry from “let me find my prescription pad.”


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Brush with Greatness

PHM0415PF06BAfter four decades selling art nationwide, renowned Southwest artist Ed Mell finally opens his own gallery in the Valley.

Ed Mell managed to skip the starving artist stage on his way to becoming one of the most successful Southwestern artists of our time. The native Arizonan set out to become an income-generating artist in the '70s and has been selling strong ever since. “He was successful from day one,” says Mark Sublette, who represents Mell in his Medicine Man Gallery in Tucson.


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Hormonious Blend

PHM0415PF05BAfter going through menopause in her 30s, a Valley physician advocates controversial hormone medications.

Dr. Angela DeRosa was a medical school student in her 20s when the symptoms began. Moodiness. Heart palpitations. Low libido. Hot flashes.


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