Sunday, February 01, 2015



Flight Reaction

Will the proposed US Airways/American Airlines merger feed more flights through Phoenix? Or will decreased competition cause ticket prices to take off?

Picture president obama and Governor Brewer on the runway. But this time, they’re both wagging fingers – not at each other, but at would-be merger partners US Airways and American Airlines (AA).


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Joining the Union

Advocates for marriage equality across Arizona exercise cautious optimism in the wake of pivotal Supreme Court decisions.

Silvana Salcido Esparza and Jo Novelli-Blasko sit at the dining room table in their Phoenix home on a hot August afternoon, carefully unfolding their marriage certificate and laying it on the table. It’s an official document from the State of New York, and instead of the usual


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Meet The Newton

Iconic central Phoenix restaurant Beef Eaters will be reincarnated as a multi-use community “energy hub.”

Late restaurateur Jay Newton loved Beef Eaters like it was his own child. Now all that remains of his progeny on a searing afternoon in mid-July are crumbling adobe fireplaces and faint memories of Yorkshire pudding. The restaurant’s faux Tudor stucco façade is picked clean, its 17,800-square-foot maze of rooms gnawed down to a sturdy post-and-beam skeleton.    


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Closed Case

The plight of Scratch owners Duc and Noelle Liao highlights the risks taken by Valley restaurateurs.

Back in March, Chef Duc Liao was a gregarious restaurant owner, politely excusing himself from our interview several times to get up and shake the hands of people who came to wish him well in his new endeavor, a Downtown Phoenix sister location to his Scottsdale eatery, Scratch, which he opened in 2008. He waxed poetic in his thick French accent about exploring new frontiers of French pastries. His excitement was palpable, his enthusiasm infectious.


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Flouring Talents

Thanks to a new law, home bakers can measure, mix and bake their way to the free market, but not everyone is buying it.

At 10 a.m. on a Thursday morning, Dana Dumas shoves two more cookie sheets into a hot oven in her tidy home kitchen. She has been up since dawn, baking sheet after sheet of jam-filled cookies for an upcoming event.


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Food-Doo Economics

Some Valley restaurant spots have seen more turnover than Donald Trump. Examining the “cursed” resto myth.

More than a few eyebrows lifted in surprise when Postino Winecafé – one of the Valley’s most bullet-proof restaurant endeavors – chose the building on the northwest corner of Gilbert Road and Page Avenue in Gilbert’s historical district for its first East Valley location.


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Doctor’s Discretion

Enacted with little fanfare, Arizona’s wrongful birth/wrongful life law protects pro-life physicians from disability-related lawsuits.

Halfway into her pregnancy, Wendy Wright did not expect a late night phone call from her doctor. Blood results revealed she carried the gene for cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disorder. “It came as a complete shock for us,” Wright, a Gilbert resident, says.


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