Tuesday, April 28, 2015



IV League

PHM0414 Slideshow PFVN2Trendy intravenous vitamin treatments take a long, strange drip through Scottsdale.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon in early spring, The Drip Room in Scottsdale bustles with guests lounging on comfy, oversized massage chairs and enjoying the wafting aromas of lavender and jasmine at an oxygen bar, all while watching a large-screen TV, or using iPads. The chic, social setting features Tiffany blue-colored walls, a geometric patterned accent wall, and a private back room resplendent in orange and yellow hues.


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Headbanger’s Call

PHM0414 Slideshow PFVN1A popular Phoenix-based Internet channel promotes organ donation and awareness alongside heavy metal music videos.

In addition to the visage of Alice Cooper tearing the legs off a chicken, or of Ozzy Osbourne biting the head off a dove, the term “heavy metal” conjures images of long-haired guys in bands with names like Megadeth and Cannibal Corpse, thrashing their locks around while strumming V-shaped guitars painted with skulls. It’s not exactly a healing and life-affirming aesthetic – which makes the charitable mission of local Internet video station Heavy Metal Television all the more interesting.


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In a Bind

Valley docs weigh the pros and cons of a drug that eases withdrawal from painkiller addiction.

Days shy of her 70th birthday, a woman named Joy carts around Scottsdale from lunch appointments to yoga. “It’s worth celebrating,” she says, “to be off that stuff, and to feel so much better.”


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Home Ward Bound

Valley businesses provide high-end home health care for a younger generation.

Five women stand around the island in a palatial Scottsdale kitchen. They wear aprons over their impeccable clothes, and floor-sparing blue booties over their shoes. One of them, a private chef, teaches the other four how to make Scottish shortbread.


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¶lim¶Facing Our Fears

In a Scottsdale classroom, lost and wanted souls come to life under the guidance of one of the world’s leading forensic artists.

Two skulls sit on the shelf above the desk, their faces angled toward each other as if they’re whispering secrets. Aside from these grinning companions, however, Kirt Messick’s office isn’t especially macabre. His bulletin board is covered with photos of his wife and two young sons. A water feature gurgles and trickles, and Josh Groban sings softly from a speaker somewhere. It might almost be the office of, say, a family therapist.


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Reel Thing

PHM0314Flash-3Phoenix Art Museum rolls out the red carpet for the highly anticipated Hollywood Costume exhibition.

Imagine standing as close to Marilyn Monroe's white cocktail dress as the subway grate she stood over for the iconic billowing skirt scene in The Seven Year Itch, or being near enough to Indiana Jones' jacket to smell the vintage leather. Both are within the realm of possibility at Phoenix Art Museum this month, as PAM presents the west coast premiere of the Hollywood Costume exhibition, featuring more than 75 costumes from films both classic and contemporary.


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Breaking Down

PHM0314Flash-8Cyphers, the Valley's only hip-hop culture center, needs a new home.

Ty'Keihm Beard always liked dancing, but was nervous last year when his older brother took him to dance in public for the first time. "I didn't know what people would say, or how they would act," Beard, 14, said of his introduction to Cyphers: The Center for Urban Arts, a hip-hop community hub in northwest Phoenix.


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