Tuesday, October 21, 2014



Doctor’s Discretion

Enacted with little fanfare, Arizona’s wrongful birth/wrongful life law protects pro-life physicians from disability-related lawsuits.

Halfway into her pregnancy, Wendy Wright did not expect a late night phone call from her doctor. Blood results revealed she carried the gene for cystic fibrosis, a life-threatening genetic disorder. “It came as a complete shock for us,” Wright, a Gilbert resident, says.


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Artistically Confined

As a convicted murderer, Jodi Arias can no longer profit from her artwork – but the same cannot be said of Team Jodi “murderabilia” collectors.

It was one of the most watched and talked-about trials in Valley history – one that ended with Jodi Arias, the so-called Mormon murderess, collecting a murder conviction that will either send her to death row or result in her lifelong incarceration, commensurate with the outcome of her sentencing hearing. But there’s something more to collect from this media circus – Arias’ own artwork.


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Just the Vax

A new law freeing foster parents from vaccination duties collides with conventional wisdom on preventable diseases.

Sedona is asking for it,
according to Will Humble, director of Arizona’s Department of Health Services. One area school has a child vaccination rate of only 50 percent. “One of these days, a measles outbreak is going to rifle through that community, and I hope nobody dies,” Humble says.


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Hit the Road, Jack

An emerging microdistilling industry gives Valley imbibers a homegrown alternative to major spirit brands.

Two years ago, Jason Grossmiller was dealing blackjack at a Valley casino. Today, he’s gambling in a different way, betting there’s a future in locally produced artisanal whiskey. “I guess you could say I wanted to move on from one vice to another,” quips the longtime homebrewer.


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Badge Company

Former undercover homicide cop Jack Ballentine sparks up a second career as a fire marshal – and a TV hero?

Jack Ballentine. It already sounds like the title of a cop show. Can’t you hear it? “This fall on CBS, action has a new name: Jack Ballentine.”


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Jazz & Blues

For more than eight decades, Valley virtuosos have struck a chord with two classic American music forms. From the blues bars of the '50s to the jazz jams of today, this is the story of a Phoenix that swings.


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ASID 2013 Design Excellence Awards

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) North Chapter is the premier organization for local interior designers. Each year, ASID salutes its members’ design achievements in multiple categories for residential, commercial, hospitality, health care and sustainability. The winners were honored at the 2013 ASID Design Excellence Awards Gala, held in August at the Montelucia Resort & Spa in Scottsdale. Below are the winners and Best in Show winner for the Commercial category of interior design. The winners in the Residential category are presented in this month’s issue of our sister magazine, Phoenix Home & Garden. For more information about the ASID North Chapter, visit asidaznorth.org.


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