Tuesday, May 26, 2015



County Fair

PHM 500x500 FPOSure, Maricopa is the most populous, most powerful county in Arizona, but every municipal entity in the state from Pima to Apache does something the best. Consult our info-map to see where your county excels.


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Mural Image

PHM0515 Flash MuralThe recent destruction of Downtown murals, including two early Ted DeGrazia pieces, has local art advocates feeling pinched by “progress.”

At Art Detour the first weekend in March, thousands of people wandered the streets of Downtown Phoenix, craning their necks to see into local art galleries and bobbing their heads to bands jamming on outdoor stages. The 27th annual event has grown into one of the city’s largest cultural carousals. The main attraction this year was inside the building at 222 E. Roosevelt Street: two murals painted by renowned Tucson artist Ettore “Ted” DeGrazia more than 65 years ago.


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Heart Beat

PHM 500x500 FPOWith an assist from a motivated widower, Mayo Clinic uncovers a genetic link to a little-known heart condition called SCAD.

On Jan. 2, 2011, 51-year-old Judy Alico experienced blurry vision and pain in her right arm. She was rushed from her Scottsdale home to the hospital, but doctors couldn’t find the source of her decline. She died two days later, the apparent victim of a myocardial infarction, or heart attack. The sudden death of this seemingly healthy woman – who did not smoke or drink, was not overweight or diabetic, and had no family history of heart disease – baffled both doctors and her grieving husband.


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Blood Business

PHM 500x500 FPODisruptive tech company Theranos launches a pilot program in Arizona that may revolutionize blood testing – and that needles the competition.

Sweaty palms. Nausea. Racing pulse. What sounds like classic heart attack symptoms could just as easily describe the terror some patients experience while awaiting a simple blood draw. According to the Journal of Family Practice, approximately 10 percent of the population suffers from some level of trypanophobia, or fear of needles.


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Squeezed Flat

PHM0515 Flash SqueezedThe San Carlos Apache Nation and Sierra Club seek to pull the plug on a high-profile copper mine at Oak Flat.

On the road to Globe, just east of Superior, the asphalt of U.S. Route 60 squeezes between rocky hills dotted with shrubby desert foliage. This is the traditional calling card of Oak Flat Campground, a popular retreat known for its shady oak trees and spiring rock formations.


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PHM 500x500 FPOYou know the old Arizona refrain “Everybody here is from somewhere else”? U.S. census data proves it. As of 2012, only 38 percent of the people living in Arizona were born in the state, the second-lowest rate in the U.S. next to Nevada (25 percent). See where your native land ranks among points of origin among all Arizona residents.


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Six Going on 16

PHM0415 FlashSixValley physicians encourage early puberty exams to detect an alarming but easily treatable condition that causes rapid sexual development in children.

Puberty in girls brings with it a host of changes – mood swings, body development, hair in new places and, soon after, a monthly visit from “Aunt Flo.” When Donna Turner started noticing some of these signs in her granddaughter – specifically breast development and tears that started “at the drop of a hat” – the Ahwatukee grandmother was concerned, and not just because puberty is a difficult stage, but because Turner’s granddaughter was only 6 years old.


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