Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Karen Frye

Sports show host
In a medium that typically features men yelling at other men about men, Karen Frye stands out. She’s the creator and host of Girlfriends Talk Sports with KFrye, an online sports-talk show in which she and two lady co-hosts dish about everything from college booster payola to players’ tattoos to UFC. Her qualifications? She’s spent 28 years raising Suns center and power forward Channing Frye.

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Boxer Jose Benavidez Jr

When people think of today’s boxing elite, images of Floyd “Money” Mayweather burning $100 bills, or Manny Pacquiao and his bustling 200-person entourage, can’t help but come to mind.

Life is a little different for 19-year-old Jose Benavidez Jr. The reigning prince of Arizona boxing is rousted from his modest west Phoenix apartment every day at 4 a.m. by his father-trainer, Jose Sr. They run up South Mountain, then head to the iconic Central Boxing Gym for a grueling workout.

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Goran Dragic

It’s a familiar Phoenix storyline: Young, foreign point guard struggles to forge identity on Suns bench, gets traded to Texas rival, blossoms into starting point guard then returns home to lead wayward, rebuilding club.

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