2013 Top Doctor: Dr. Richard Averitte

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Medical school: Medical College of Ohio, now the
University of Toledo Medical Center

Years in practice: Over 10 years

Why did you choose dermatology?
Dermatology provided me the ability to be very surgical while also allowing me to care for a broad range of patient ages, genders and types, as well as to develop relationships with my patients.

Is there a particular aspect of dermatology you specialize in, and why?
Yes, we specialize in medical surgical dermatology. We remove and reconstruct the areas affected by many life-threatening skin cancers, such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. We discovered this niche while providing more of a full-service dermatology practice, including cosmetic procedures. Over time, we realized our skin cancer patients had more immediate needs and more pressing concerns than our cosmetic patients. Thus, we closed our cosmetic division and have been growing ever since.

Give us the lowdown on sunblock.
The most effective protection is physical blockers, such as those including titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. The other form of protection is that provided via chemical absorption of the photo energy, commonly known as sunscreen. I prefer an SPF of 20 or greater for the face and an SPF of 30 or greater for the body. The higher the SPF, the greater the protection. The keys to effective sun protection are to apply 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and to reapply every 60-90 minutes. My favorite sun protection products are La Roche-Posay and Neutrogena.

What distinguishes your practice from others?
The fact that we are strictly a medical, surgical dermatology group and that all office evaluations are conducted by physicians only.

When I am not working, I... :
Spend time with my family (my wife and our 9-year-old triplets), golfing, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors.