2013 Top Doctor: Dr. Michael A. Urig

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Group Free
Medical school: University of Colorado
Years in practice: 23
Why did you choose obstetrics and gynecology? 
I originally wanted to become a cardiologist, but once I experienced OB/GYN in medical school, I could not imagine a better specialty. I love the great opportunity for the doctor/patient/family relationship in OB/GYN, which I think is unique to our specialty. Every day is different, with delivering babies to doing the latest state-of-the-art surgery, to office procedures, to hospital work. 
How often should a person have a gynecological exam? 
I think a woman should have a well woman exam every year. There are numerous preventive issues to be addressed depending on the age of the patient, including scheduling for mammography, colonoscopy, exercise, calcium replacement, preconceptual counseling, as well as addressing any women’s health issues such as fertility, menopause, urinary system health issues, and pap smears.
What distinguishes your practice from others? 
My practice joined together five separate practices of doctors who believe that more of us have to work together to improve care. This is accomplished by reducing variation in the way conditions are treated and using evidence-based medicine to drive good medical decision making and to reduce cost. We expect our employees to give the most pleasant and enjoyable experience as possible to our patients, and I think that patient experience is what sets our practice apart. I also think that I have the most wonderful physician partners and staff in the world. We are all on the same team and want to make a difference. We aren’t perfect, but we try every day to give the best care we can.