2013 Top Doctor: Dr. Jeromy Brink

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Medical School: I went to the University of Arizona for both my undergraduate education and medical school. I did my residency and fellowship in vascular surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Years in practice: 10

Why did you choose vascular surgery?
I chose vascular surgery because of great mentors that sparked my interest in helping patients with complex vascular problems. My vascular training provides me with the ability to save life and limb, both of which are immensely gratifying.

What are some common conditions you treat?
The most common procedures I perform are abdominal aortic aneurysm stenting, angioplasty and stenting of the arteries in the legs, bypass surgery of the legs, carotid surgery for blockages that can cause stroke, and procedures done in our office for varicose veins.

How can people reduce their risks for artery problems?
The best treatment for artery and vein disease is preventive. Watching your diet, blood pressure, cholesterol, and adhering to healthy lifestyle practices can keep the blood vessels healthy lifelong!

What distinguishes your practice from others?
We are a group of four vascular surgeons with a small but efficient office staff. I feel it gives us the ability to spend extra time with our patients and helps us to truly individualize patient care. While there are several specialties which provide noninvasive therapy to both arteries and veins, we have the luxury of being able to offer an opinion on both cutting-edge noninvasive treatment and
traditional open vascular techniques.