Tuesday, April 21, 2015



Space Case

PHM0415PF01Planetary scientist Jim Bell reaches for the stars – and Pluto, and Mars – while advocating for the return of big-government space programs.

Planetary scientist Jim Bell always had stars in his eyes. Growing up in rural Rhode Island, the future Arizona State University professor could hardly imagine life in the bright and bustling world of the big city. Yet through the lens of his first telescope – a classic Meade he describes as “big and bulky and hard to deal with” – Bell was able to virtually travel a galaxy of infinite wonders.


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¶lim¶Clean Shave

PHM 500x500 FPOThree decades after a notorious point-shaving scandal derailed his career, former NBA prospect Ernie Cobb builds a new life in Phoenix. With no apologies.


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Spudding Romance

PHM0315Flash-SpudYears after selling her Miss Vickie’s chips brand to Frito-Lay, Vickie Kerr invites the world back into her kitchen.

“Pretend this is a potato.”

Vickie Kerr sits across the table,   holding a huge olive between her fingertips. Chatting over lunch, the  Scottsdale resident lights up when asked how potatoes are planted.

“If you cut this up so there’s a sprout on each piece, that’s your seed. They’re called seed potatoes.”


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Weed Warrior

PHM 500x500 FPODr. Suzanne Sisley is an unlikely crusader for medical marijuana. But she's determined to study the effects of cannabis on PTSD in veterans, at almost any cost.

Dr. Suzanne Sisley’s emails are relentless. They’re often long, arrive in rapid succession, and include a sunflower icon in the signature, following the words, “Thanks! Take care.”

The breezy sign-off belies Sisley’s feistiness – and knack for stirring controversy. The Scottsdale psychiatrist and internist made national headlines last summer when she was fired from the University of Arizona, her medical school alma mater, while pursuing controversial research. Later, the Maricopa County Medical Society removed her from its board of officers for making unflattering comments about a former board colleague to local media. Undaunted – and with help from Johns Hopkins University and the state of Colorado – Sisley vows to continue her study, which will be the first controlled trial examining the potential benefits of marijuana on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans.


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Sowing Patterns

PHM 500x500 FPOUrban farmer Ken Singh harvests the all-organic fruits of his labor.

On a clear November afternoon, farmer Ken Singh surveys the meandering gardens and canopied Paulownia trees of his 60-acre tract at Loop 101 and Thomas Road, pausing to run a hand through dark, rich soil. “When you talk spirituality, it’s your relationship to people, your relationship to nature and food,” he says. “When I’m working, I’m not here. I’m with everyone that’s no longer here.”


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Tito Time

PHM1214Flash-1-TitoWith a flourish of his baton, maestro Tito Muñoz transports Phoenix Symphony into the 21st Century.

Classical music audiences in Phoenix don’t leap to their feet. They slowly rise, or half-heartedly stand. But at concert’s end on September 19 in Symphony Hall, 2,000-plus people shot instantly from seated to vertical, erupting in shouts of “Bravo!” The object of this unanticipated enthusiasm: the 2014-2015 season-opening concert of the Phoenix Symphony, led for the first time by Tito Muñoz in his newly appointed role as the orchestra’s Virginia G. Piper Music Director.


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The Cake Whisperer

PHMPF01Baker Tracy Dempsey extends a helping hand to ailing fans while whipping up her legendary cakes, pastries and confections.

“It’s my way or the highway. If you have a good idea, let’s hear it. But bottom line: When you’re here on the clock, you’re mine.”

Formidable words for an otherwise soft-spoken soul like Valley pastry chef Tracy Dempsey. But that’s her introductory line for employees at Tracy Dempsey Originals, the Tempe-based bake shop where she whips up sweet and savory desserts, baked goods and confections. Following stints at Cowboy Ciao and Lon’s at the Hermosa Inn, Dempsey started the business in 2009 – and it has expanded steadily ever since, along with the chef’s culinary cachet. She currently makes desserts for 10 notable Valley restaurants, including Citizen Public House, The Gladly and Crudo. Her bacon brittle is available at Bashas’ grocery stores. Her marshmallows got the attention of Oprah Winfrey’s people, and she’s baked wedding cakes for such Phoenix food stars as Chris Bianco and Aaron Chamberlin.


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