Matcha Oatmeal

Written by Gwen Ashley Walters Category: Local Products Issue: November 2014
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That slight nip in the morning air means it’s time to swap cold cereal for something warm and satisfying, like a steaming bowl of heart-healthy oatmeal. Want to make it even healthier? Annette Downing of Matcha MarketPlace packages whole oats with a teaspoon of emerald green matcha, the ceremonial powdered green tea from Japan.

Purported to have more antioxidants than other green teas, matcha is consumed whole, versus steeped and discarded. Downing packages the matcha-spiked oats in individual servings with other flavors and brown sugar, although there is a sugar-free option if you prefer to add your own sweetener.

Available at Whole Foods, AJ’s Fine Foods, Luci’s Healthy Marketplace and at select farmers markets ($8-$10 for a package of six), Matcha comes in traditional flavors like apple cinnamon and cranberry walnut, along with outside-the-box offerings like lemon ginger and our favorite, blueberry coconut. Because the oats are whole, cooking on the stovetop is the preferred method, but if you use a microwave, be sure to cook the oatmeal in short, 20-second spurts to avoid boil-over.

Matcha MarketPlace

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