¶lim¶Si Mangia Italiano!

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Do you speak Italian? Or should we say: Do you speak pasta, pizza and spicy, aromatic sauces? Find them all in our first ever ITALIAN DINING GUIDE, your Valley roadmap to Old World comfort-food bliss.

Titans of Italian
Legendary restaurateurs Angiolo Livi and Tomaso Maggiore joke, reminisce, bash Olive Garden.

Top 10 Countdown
Food writer Gwen Ashley Walters names her 10 most essential Italian restaurants in the Valley.

Pasta Primer
A beyond-spaghetti guide to what's so great about flour, eggs and water.

Get the goods for home-cooked meals with this drool-worthy pictorial.

Pizza Pyramid
Find the Valley's best pizzas on our delicious pie-erarchy of greatness.

Italian Food 'Hoods
Find the Valley's favorite mom-and-pops, conveniently cataloged by neighborhood.



The Titans of Italian
Angiolo Livi and Tomaso Maggiore greet each other like brothers. One is tall and stately, with a voice as silky as whipped mascarpone. The other is thin and tan, exuding no small amount of self-assurance through his rich baritone voice. Angiolo, or Angelo, chides Tomaso for wearing a tie. Tomaso slaps Angelo’s backside when he turns to lead him to a table. These two titans of Italian cuisine have gathered at Angelo’s restaurant, Avanti, to talk shop. Avanti opened almost 40 years ago, on December 30, 1973. Tomaso’s eponymous restaurant three miles northeast of Avanti opened 37 years ago. These Italians, one from Tuscany, one from Sicily, have seen

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