Sunday, May 24, 2015

Maker’s Marks

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Craft your own artisanal shopping spree, from perfume and pottery to custom couches and D.I.Y. beer.

“If you want something done right, do it yourself” has endured as a maxim since the mid-1800s – even as procuring essentials like food and clothes became an increasingly “hands-off” experience. These days, shopping is often done with a swipe on a smartphone while lounging in pajamas, no driving or walking into a building required. But while e-commerce has its benefits, there’s still no substitute for creating and consuming with a personal touch. Find your inner artisan with D.I.Y. activities at these local businesses.

As You Wish Pottery
Want Fido’s water bowl to be one-of-a-kind? Can’t find a soap dispenser to perfectly match your shower curtain? As You Wish allows visitors to paint hundreds of pottery pieces the way they want, and offers glass fusing and canvas painting for the brush-obsessed. Pay a studio fee – $8 for adults, $6 for kids – and the price of the piece, and paint with any color from the rainbow, including some that create textured effects during firing. Pick your piece up three days later, and it’s dishwasher-safe. July 21 is Monday Mania, which means a mystery special for 50 percent off. If you want to keep the young ones busy this summer, the space offers classes for kids. Multiple Valley
O.H.S.O. Eatery + nanoBrewery
Avoid bitter-beer face by brewing your own craft beer. The make-your-own brew process is virtually free – all that’s required is a download of the O.H.S.O. Brewery app on iTunes or Google Play and a $50 reservation, which is refunded as a $50 gift card upon arrival. Personalize an ale or lager batch with near-infinite flavoring combinations, including peanut butter, lavender oil, blueberries and Ethiopian coffee. Come back in a month or three to sample your brewskie, which O.H.S.O. also keeps on tap for the general public. It might even graduate into regular production, like the coffee-infused Morning Brew cream ale. Each brew yields about one-fourth barrel and is available for $5 a glass and $9 a pitcher. Multiple Valley locations,
Su Vino Winery
Sometimes, that merlot or Pinot Grigio you bought just doesn’t taste like you hoped it would. Ensure palate satisfaction every time at Su Vino, where customers can sample 20 varietals before telling award-winning winemakers whether they’d like their wine to be more or less oaky, sweeter or drier, etc. Once the wine has fermented for two to five months, bring your friends back for a bottle-making party, where you’ll wash, fill, cork, capsule and label your bottles – even with custom designs. Thirty bottles cost $250-$400, and in July, you can get 90 bottles for the price of 60, or 45 bottles for the price of 30. 7035 E. Main St., Scottsdale,
PHMPF24 Citrine Natural Beauty Bar
Every person wears perfume scents differently; thus, spraying a sample on a piece of paper is no way to discern if it will make you smell divine long-term. At Citrine, visitors take control of their essential oil perfumes by crafting their own. Layer any of 18 top notes, like ylang ylang and Madagascar spicy cinnamon bark, over one of the base scents to make the perfect pheromone-enhancer. Citrine’s scent experts guide you through the process. Get 10 percent off any custom fragrance in July, normally $45-$200 for one or two ounces. 2502 E. Camelback Rd., Phoenix, 602-955-2354,
V-Dub Furniture
If your living room needs some near-neon color to brighten it up, or is lacking that ostrich feather highlight to make people really feel at home, this custom furniture spot can help. Mix and match prints to your heart’s desire, and choose exactly what shape and layout you want for your sectional production. V-Dub professionals will work with any size budget to craft a custom look. On July 4, mention you read about the spot in PHOENIX magazine, and you’ll get a free fabric upgrade and won’t have to pay sales tax. Multiple Valley locations,