High-Dross Finish

Written by Craig Outhier Category: Lifestyle Issue: July 2013
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Ever looked into a garbage bag full of apple rinds, dirty diapers and partially eaten Marie Callender’s microwavable dinners and thought to yourself “ballet”? No? Well, maybe you should spend a little time with Allison Orr, the kooky

Austin, Texas choreographer whose quixotic vision of pirouetting garbage men is the basis of Trash Dance, playing this month at FilmBar in Phoenix. Documentary filmmaker Andrew Garrison joins Orr as she gets chummy with Austin’s sanitation workers, ultimately culminating in a spectacle of feel-good fancy that’s part The Full Monty, part spoiled Del Monte Fruit Cups. A favorite at the SXSW Film Festival last year. July 13 and July 14. Visit thefilmbarphx.com for screening and pricing information.