Written by Jamie Killin Category: Lifestyle Issue: August 2013





Plunked smack-dab in the middle of Roosevelt Row, greenHAUS – which opened last February – takes its local-first mandate seriously. Exhibit A: bison leather goods. These handcrafted, Ro Ro-made wallets ($80-$150) and iPhone sleeves ($65-$75) back up their “designed for life” motto with a quality guarantee that encourages customers to return any torn or damaged products for repair or replacement. phm0813 pfshop6 md
phm0813 pfshop5 md   If you’re looking to light up your home in style, greenHAUS carries handcrafted metal “notions” created by local artist Josiah Ridley, whose customizable pieces ($30-$75) include letters and brightly painted stars that will add just the right amount of panache to your pad.
Merely functional radios are a thing of the past with Loud Luggage Co.’s  handcrafted, rechargeable boomboxes constructed from recycled luggage. Fabricated by Valley artist Brently Easten, the units include inputs for any iPod or MP3 player. Available both in vehicle-mounted and portable versions ($325-$650). phm0813 pfshop2 md


phm0813 pfshop4 md   Storage never looked so “street.” The largest work in greenHAUS’ one-of-a-kind man-cave collection is a brightly colored and functional storage unit that also serves as a small high-top table ($325). Pieces from this collection are crafted with old street signs and covered with graffiti to give them that stylish, blighted barrio look.
Like a zombie Don Draper, Mid-Century Modern is brought back to life by greenHAUS co-owner Cole Reed, whose Atomic chair and ottoman set ($1,500) features a chair redesigned to sit on a vintage metal base, paired with an oversized ottoman. Finished with modern fabric in a retro print, the unique design allows for a functional and comfortable seating concept. phm0813 pfshop3 md


222 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix