Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Downtown Glendale

AKA “Arizona’s Antique Capital”

BIRTH OF A ’BURB: Arizona Canal builder William J. Murphy founded Glendale in 1892. The city incorporated in 1910. VIGOROUS VINTAGE: In the 1990s, Glendale sported more than a thousand antique shops, leading to accolades from USA Today and Sunset magazine. CELEBRITY CENTRAL: Numerous notables have lived in Glendale, including actor Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills, 90210), singer Jordin Sparks (winner of American Idol season six), and country star Marty Robbins. SUPER STADIUM: Glendale’s University of Phoenix Stadium, which hosted the Super Bowl in 2008 and is slated to host again in 2015, was featured on the History Channel show Modern Marvels in 2008 for its roll-out, natural grass field.

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No Glutton for Gluten

Reviled by celiac disease sufferERs and others, gluten is a hobgoblin of the health-minded. Quell your cravings with these gluten-free products.

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A Run on the Banks

Forget the treadmill. Get outside and try a canal.

Imagine yourself jogging, sans iPod, to the song of birds and the faint sound of lapping water. Your sneakers rhythmically pound the ground, unearthing pebbles and bits of sand. With every few strides, you inhale mighty lungfuls of air, the piquant tinge of nearby water making each breath that much more invigorating.

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For the Trill of It


It’s springtime, and love is in the air. So, too, are the sonorous harmonies of the Orpheus Male Chorus of Phoenix. Arizona’s longest-standing, continually-performing choral organization celebrates its 84th season with performances of its spring concert, All We Need Is Love. The genre-spanning afternoon will include everything from eye-dabbing romantic classics to upbeat numbers guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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Chorale Riff


For Phoenicians, the cost of a decent classical concert needn’t include airfare to Carnegie Hall. Hailed as one of the finest professional choral ensembles in North America, the Phoenix Chorale (formerly Phoenix Bach Choir) has won two

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¶lim¶The Bucket List

101 of the most epic, unique, rewarding,
and fun Valley experiences!

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AZ-Made Bags Extra

We were pleasantly surprised by the abundance of cool, Arizona-made handbags in the Valley – so many, in fact, that we had enough left over for a bonus page

Ostrich Purse
Snowflake-based leathersmith Richard Polvino can – and has – made bags out of turtle shells, but a certain flightless fowl is perhaps his favorite media. “I’ve had boots made out of ostrich that lasted me 20 years, so a purse should last longer than a lifetime,” he says. Classic twist-lock closures add function to form.

Turtle Island Moccasins

928-243-1361, turtleislandmoccs.com

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