Friday, October 24, 2014


¶lim¶The Bucket List

101 of the most epic, unique, rewarding,
and fun Valley experiences!

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AZ-Made Bags Extra

We were pleasantly surprised by the abundance of cool, Arizona-made handbags in the Valley – so many, in fact, that we had enough left over for a bonus page

Ostrich Purse
Snowflake-based leathersmith Richard Polvino can – and has – made bags out of turtle shells, but a certain flightless fowl is perhaps his favorite media. “I’ve had boots made out of ostrich that lasted me 20 years, so a purse should last longer than a lifetime,” he says. Classic twist-lock closures add function to form.

Turtle Island Moccasins


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Big Bag Theory

Who needs Gucci or Prada when you can have a cowboy boot clutch? Loosen the purse strings for one of these Arizona-made bags.

Necktie Bags
The local-first firebrands at MADE art boutique are all about Valley-based designers and accessories, including clutch bags and tote bags ($20-$30) made by designer Matt Rainy from men’s neckties. Just think: You could buy back one of the unused Christmas neckties that hung in your dad’s closet for a decade before he finally donated it to Goodwill.
MADE art boutique
922 N. Fifth St., Phoenix

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Skin Game

Keep it local with these epic epidermal products from Arizona-based beauty and skin-care companies

Melt-Proof Foundation
 Worried about pulverized rodents in your face cream? Not a possibility with 100% vegan, melt-proof foundation ($44) from Valley-based makeup guru Annie Mayo.

Advanced Mineral Makeup

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Crack Up


If you’re a Valley-onian of a certain age, you probably have fond, alcohol-blurred memories of Anderson’s Fifth Estate, the perspiration-stained Scottsdale dance emporium where so many young brain cells met their end. Well, the

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¶lim¶Iconic Arizona Restaurant Recipes

Leeks with mozzarella and egg at FnB

Chef Charleen Badman’s recipe for braised leeks with mozzarella and egg is a rags-to-riches story. “I like to take vegetables that people don’t like and present it to them in a way they haven’t tried it before,” Badman says. She tasted a

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Apocalypse Now?

According to doomsayers, the end of the Mayan calendar on 12-21-12 spells oblivion for us all. Make a day of it.

Packed your bags and gassed up the minivan? Stocked your mountain compound with cans of tomato soup and crates of dehydrated milk? Neither have we. Nobody knows what December 21 will bring – zombies? tornados of fire? a new Creed album? – but one thing is certain: Your Mayan day of reckoning doesn’t have to be all survival prep. You gotta live a little, too. Consider this your end-of-days planner for the eve of the maybe-apocalypse.

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