Monday, May 25, 2015


¶lim¶Smoke & Mirrors

E-cigarettes could usurp tobacco as the nation's nicotine delivery system of choice, and Scottsdale-based NJoy leads the charge. But how safe is “vaping”?

There are no Marlboro Men lassoing cattle in the “wild west” of North Scottsdale, especially not here in the Kierland Commons corporate offices of NJoy, a Valley-based manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. Instead, there’s curvy custom furniture, cushiony cubicles, and offices framed in full-panel frosted glass walls, inside of which hang dry erase boards filled with formulas and scientific scribbles. The clean, streamlined office design – along with the three 30-inch Apple Studio monitors on his desk – reflects company president and CEO Craig Weiss’ love of the high-tech.

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¶lim¶Outdoor Fun!

The weather is lovely... but it won't be for long. Maximize your spring with our handy almanac of alfresco adventures, from fitness forays and food fests to outdoor arts and entertainment. 

Bonus: Handy guides to Cactus League baseball, desert gardening and urban camping.

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Jewel Love It

Forgo the flowers-and-candy cliché this Valentine’s Day for elegant and artisanal Arizona jewelry.

When selecting a gift for someone special on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to think about what statement your gift makes. Do you want it to scream, “I grabbed this half-deflated Mylar balloon for you from a roadside vendor,” or sweetly croon, “I had this designer diamond ring made just for you”? If it’s the latter, several local jewelers can help you make your statement. All of them are happy to offer you something off the shelf, but these places also go above and beyond, doing custom in-house design and making one-of-a-kind works for your one-of-a-kind valentine.

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Yard Shtick

According to the Arizona Golf Association, there are more than 85 golf courses (public and private) throughout the Valley. And while it’s fun to avail yourself of our fabled fairways – especially in the winter months – the city has many more outdoor sports to enjoy, some from the comfort of your own lawn.

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Sunnyslope, AKA “The Slope”

Neighborhood Watch

Sunnyslope earned its name around 1911, when the daughter of founder
William R. Norton saw the sun shining on the desert landscape while on a buggy ride and declared, “What a pretty sunny slope!” BUT IT’S A DRY HEAT: Many of the original residents of Sunnyslope were tuberculants sent to the desert for its drier, cleaner air. WORKING MAN: The John C. Lincoln Healthcare Network is the largest employer in the community. FROM A MILE AWAY: The large “S” painted on the side of Sunnyslope Mountain is refurbished each year by incoming freshmen at Sunnyslope High School.

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Dennis Rowland Benefit Concert


Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist and Valley resident Dennis Rowland is known for his rich voice and flashy stage persona. But after suffering a stroke in December 2012, he’s been rehabilitating, trying to regain his ability to fully express himself vocally and return to the stage. On November 6, Rowland’s colleagues will perform a benefit concert on his behalf at Herberger Theater Center. The concert will feature Grammy-nominated vocalist Monica Mancini, drummer and six-time Grammy recipient and Latin Grammy “Producer of the Year” Gregg Field, as well as saxophonist Tom Scott and legendary jazz pianist Shelly Berg. Rowland is scheduled to briefly appear on stage. Ticket prices – and additional acts – to be announced. 222 E. Monroe St., Phoenix,

Resale Row

When it comes to high-end second-hand items, a stylish street in Scottsdale has it all.

Darlene Richert describes her  8,000-square-foot showroom at Avery Lane as “funkalicious.” It’s an apt adjective for her mashups of old and new – an 1800 Belgian baker’s hutch beside a contemporary Union Jack side table; Renaissance paintings above Mid-Century Modern chairs; and vintage children’s chalkboards neighboring riveted bar cabinets. “We’re going after the high-end design pieces,” Richert explains. “It was part of the market nobody was really going after.”

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