Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Maker’s Marks

Craft your own artisanal shopping spree, from perfume and pottery to custom couches and D.I.Y. beer.

“If you want something done right, do it yourself” has endured as a maxim since the mid-1800s – even as procuring essentials like food and clothes became an increasingly “hands-off” experience. These days, shopping is often done with a swipe on a smartphone while lounging in pajamas, no driving or walking into a building required. But while e-commerce has its benefits, there’s still no substitute for creating and consuming with a personal touch. Find your inner artisan with D.I.Y. activities at these local businesses.

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Mars Needs Linen

The recycled swag at Universal Furnishings & Offerings is out of this world.

From the infamous Phoenix Lights to the spaceship allegedly buried beneath Dreamy Draw Dam, Valley residents know their UFOs. The most tangible sighting yet: Universal Furnishings & Offerings, the central Phoenix brainchild of Leonardo Ramirez. With the help of upholsterer Juan Carlos Salcido and visual coordinator Corinne Wheeler, Ramirez makes a practice of abducting boring furniture, flying it to the outer limits of interstellar design, then returning it to earth beautifully revamped and unrecognizable – an ideology he calls “Recycletude.” Pieces at U.F.O. can range from homemade kaleidoscopes to vintage typewriters.

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¶lim¶101 Things to Do in Arizona

PHMT2DO01You shook Goldwater’s hand. You hiked Humphreys Peak. You even installed your own backyard misting system. But your Arizona membership dues aren't current until you tap our definitive list of uniquely AZ-centric events and experiences, from primeval chimichangas to the state's most exclusive river hike.

Photography by Jim David, Diana Elizabeth, Mirelle Inglefield, Mark Lipczynski, Craig Outhier, Brandon Sullivan.

Adventures in Dining
Drinking Destinations
Go Country - A Transformation in Seven Steps
Beat the Heat
Bucket List for a Kid
Musical Musts
Avian Encounters
Literary Getaways
Bonus Getaway

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Father Time

“Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis.”

So quipped American humorist Jack Handey, in one of his many “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey” one-liners. The possible moral of said silly story: Whatever faults our fathers have, at least they’re not likely to treat a bloody cough with bad puns and whoopee cushions. So for Father’s Day on June 15, why not thank dad for seeing you through the hard knocks and sparing you the knock-knock jokes by seeing him through a few rounds of golf and sparing him the ol’ standby tie? Here are a few Phoenix-centric gift ideas that should go over with a bang for pops.

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Noble Rot

0614PHMPF16Making a perfect steak with one of the Valley’s leading practitioners of dry-aging.

Before witnessing chef Admir Alibasic’s crash course in the science of dry-aging beef, you might find little in common between the terms “great steak” and “deteriorating meat.” If so, the New York native will happily enlighten you. Popular in East Coast steakhouses but less so out west, dry-aging concentrates flavor and refines texture by letting a piece of beef, well, go slightly bad. At Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse in Scottsdale – one of a handful of Valley restaurants that dry-ages in-house – Alibasic offers a variety of delectable dry-aged creations, from a generous 22 oz. steak suitable for one to a monstrous 88 oz. steak for four – suitable for flipping over Fred Flintstone’s car. Here’s a step-by-step look at the long journey from pasture to plate that ends with Alibasic’s dry-aged steaks.

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Shea Heights

FLOWER CHILD: The Shea Heights neighborhood was built in the 1960s in the flora-cloaked foothills of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. BYPASSED: The intersection of 32nd Street and Shea Boulevard used to be one of the busiest intersections in Phoenix because 32nd Street was the only route to north Phoenix. The congestion was alleviated in the early 1990s with the unveiling of State Route 51. NAME THAT ‘HOOD: Rebecca Golden, owner of cafe 32 Shea, coined the nickname “Up-Uptown” for the neighborhood, to reflect its up-and-coming-back vibe, driven by new local businesses and hikers who head to the area for the beautiful views and extensive trails.

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¶lim¶Summer Getaways

Summer is the ideal season for Phoenicians to indulge their deepest-held travel fantasies. The snowbirds have flown, the kids are out of school and the northern snows have melted, paving the way for outdoor adventure. From waterfall hikes to canyoneering in the Salome Wilderness to biker rallies, we’ve tracked down some of the best recreation opportunities for summer 2014.

Bonus: Six out-of-state adventures!

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