F.Y.L. Scrudato

Written by Dolores Tropiano Category: Lifestyle Issue: October 2012
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After losing his day job as a ski shop manager in 2009, F.Y.L. Scrudato decided to take a “shot” at an artistic career with custom-designed intergalactic prop ray guns. Armed only with his imagination, Scrudato salvages unusual objects from his home and local estate sales and assembles them into one-of-a-kind space-serial firearms seemingly borrowed from a Men in Black sequel.

 “I built one for myself and I loved the aesthetic,” says the New Jersey-born artist. “I’m a guy. I love guns, I like sci-fi, and I like working with my hands.” One of Scrudato’s favorite pieces – cheekily named “Blast from the Past” – marries an old timing gun with signal sticks from a 1964 Dodge Dart and vintage drum lugs. Another is embedded within a vintage Pachinko machine. The guns sell for between $250 and $400.

Scrudato grew up exploring the museums of New York City and later attended ASU. The 49-year-old goes by the pseudonym Elvis Knievel and also creates faux crucifix objects out of flashlights. Scrudato’s guns were spotted at Comic-Con International in San Diego and at The Store @ Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.

“People are either into them or they are confused,” Scrudato says. “If you’re a geek or a gear head, you get it.” The ray guns will be at the Arizona State Fair (October 12-November 4) and can be viewed at elvisknievel.com.