AZ-Made Bags Extra

Written by Craig Outhier Category: Lifestyle Issue: February 2013

phm0213 ds mdTurquoise Inlaid Satchel
Japan-born but Arizona-raised Toyo Gilman has been working with leather since grade school and opened his first Tucson shop in the 1970s. Gilman likes working with exotic hides. Case in point: this handsome, latigo-overlay satchel that was once a water buffalo ($399).

Dark Star Leather


phm0213 ch mdScholar Laptop Briefcase
Mesa luggage-whiz Tony Usluca can do anything with a swatch of Napa Valley leather. For one liquor-sales-rep client, he created a customized briefcase with molded compartments for 12 bottles of Scotch. Bags like his Scholar Laptop Briefcase are less exotic but just as purpose-built: It stands upright for quick PowerBook extraction and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Custom Hide