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¶lim¶Iconic Arizona Restaurant Recipes

Leeks with mozzarella and egg at FnB

Chef Charleen Badman’s recipe for braised leeks with mozzarella and egg is a rags-to-riches story. “I like to take vegetables that people don’t like and present it to them in a way they haven’t tried it before,” Badman says. She tasted a


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Apocalypse Now?

According to doomsayers, the end of the Mayan calendar on 12-21-12 spells oblivion for us all. Make a day of it.

Packed your bags and gassed up the minivan? Stocked your mountain compound with cans of tomato soup and crates of dehydrated milk? Neither have we. Nobody knows what December 21 will bring – zombies? tornados of fire? a new Creed album? – but one thing is certain: Your Mayan day of reckoning doesn’t have to be all survival prep. You gotta live a little, too. Consider this your end-of-days planner for the eve of the maybe-apocalypse.


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Pet-Friendly Restos

Like our Pet Guide? Enjoy this bonus list of pet-appropriate restaurants and bars in the Valley.

La Grande Orange Grocery & Pizzeria  
4410 N. 40th St.
602-840-7777, lagrandeorangegrocery.com
This upscale market and deli serves a few simple but elegant breakfast selections, good sandwiches, great pizza (dinner only) and fanciful desserts baked by Tammie Coe. The kid-friendly pizzeria makes wonderful (and often trendy) pies. Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. $-$$


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The Pet Guide

From Fido-friendly restaurants to cat-sitting options to animal-welfare volunteer opportunities, your guide to Valley pet ownership begins here.

Dog- and Feline-Friendly Dining
Cave Creek Coffee Company
The aroma of locally-roasted coffees fills this cozy café at 6:30 a.m., just in time to grab a java on the rickety wood porch before heading out for a hike with your pooch. The brews are even named for two nearby, dog-friendly trails – Spur Cross and Black Mountain. Come back later for wine and martinis. Patio only. 6033 E. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, 480-488-0603, cavecreekcoffee.com


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This November 6, pour a flask of hooch into democracy’s collective punch bowl with your own Election Day party.

Let them eat...
Whether you’re a Romney rooter or an Obama mama, a baked confection from Honey Moon Sweets takes the cake. They’ll customize an election-themed devil’s food cake (pictured above, $90, serves 25 people) or provide you with


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The Ash Avenue Strip

AKA “Old Town Tempe”

GREEK TO US: Tempe takes its name from the Vale of Tempe in Greece.

FERRY DUST: The city, originally known as Hayden’s Ferry, incorporated in 1894.


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In the last decade, Arizona wine has gone from dubious to divine, which is great news for the Valley's viticulture vultures. Here's our guide to local wine bars, vino-centric restaurants, tastings, events, Arizona wines, vintners, and more!


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