Monday, May 25, 2015



Oh, Pair

Make a larder-libations love connection at these Valley restaurants’ pairing dinners.

The Capital Grille: Macallan Scotch Dinner
Pairing the potent, smoky, fermented flavor of Macallan’s single malt Scotch with food can be an all-out palate war, with the whisky overpowering the taste of virtually any dish. Luckily, executive chef Travis Garner and his epicurean


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¶lim¶The Man Issue - Az Icons

Six Brief Profiles of Awesomely Iconic Men.

About five miles east of the French village of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, in a sprawling meadow cooled by silent mistrals riding down from the hillsides, lies the body of a boy from Phoenix. A boy, but a warrior in full.


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Black N Blue

Equipped with its own hair salon and tattoo parlor, this newly-opened Roosevelt Row vintage clothing boutique is your one-stop rock star makeover.

Black N Blue Rockstar Clothing & Accessories
906 N. Fifth St., Phoenix


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¶lim¶The Man Issue

0913ManWhat makes a man a valley man? Local fashion, food, products and personalities - You'll find them all in our first-ever salute to the spirit of manhood

Businessman. Philanthropist. Middle-aged gentleman of means. Epicurean. Bourbon enthusiast. Gym rat. World traveler. Enjoys a cigar now and then. Probably owns a lake house somewhere.


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In addition to locally crafted objets, owners Cole and Dayna Reed curate vintage items they collect during yearly trips abroad. GreenHAUS contains a unique collection of smoking pipes ($10-$20) for tobacco connoisseurs and vintage-goods junkies. Cole Reed says the collection is an homage to her grandfather, whom she remembers with pocket watch and pipe always in hand.


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High-Dross Finish

Ever looked into a garbage bag full of apple rinds, dirty diapers and partially eaten Marie Callender’s microwavable dinners and thought to yourself “ballet”? No? Well, maybe you should spend a little time with Allison Orr, the kooky


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Peking Under the Hood

Asian food trucks let Phoenicians satisfy their noodle needs on the go.

Hao Bao
One of the newest additions to the Phoenix Street Food Coalition, Hao Bao spirits customers – or, at least, their tongues – to eastern China for a taste of authentic Mandarin cuisine. Billed as “Chinese soul food,” the Hao Bao menu includes such comfort-minded staples as dumplings, noodle soup and fragrant scallion pancakes served with a tangy ginger dipping sauce. Owner Jake Lau went on hiatus earlier this spring but expected to bring the Valley’s only Chinese food truck back by summer. Check their Facebook page to see when Hao Bao will return to venues like CO+HOOTS and Downtown Phoenix Public Market’s Food Truck Fridays.


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