Tuesday, May 26, 2015



Locavore Liquor

We don’t always drink Arizona-based spirits, but when we do...

From left:
Prickly Pear Vodka:
Arguably the most Arizonan of all the Arizona-based spirits, this pink-bottled offering from Flagstaff’s High Spirits Distillery is boosted by tart desert fruit. High Spirits also makes Arizona’s only in-state-distilled whiskey, and gin with native aromatics. Suggested cocktail: Blend with grapefruit juice for a Desert Greyhound. Est. price: $30.


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Cave Creek

AKA “Boom-Boom Town”

STREAMING MUSIC: Cave Creek is named for a small stream that burbles out of the foothills near Black Mountain and flows southwest toward Paradise Valley.

DOWN WITH TOWN: Cave Creek was settled in 1870 but did not incorporate as a town until 1986.


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AZ Pops


The best thing about her gourmet ice pop business, Pam Raphael says, is the flexibility and freedom it gives her to spend more time with her kids. Our vote goes to the fresh, sweet taste of her pops – not to mention the smooth, icy texture, equally delightful in a raspberry-melon or a fudgy chocolate-banana.

AZ Pops was born in August 2011 out of Raphael’s desire to give her kids a healthy snack after school. Since then, she’s carted her pop stand to local farmers’ markets, selling eight to 10 rotating flavors. A best seller is prickly pear with lime, made from cactuses Raphael harvests herself.


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Make it a Coq au Vin Night

Is your Phoenix neighborhood overrun with feral roosters? Don’t get angry... get cooking. Learn how to turn that tough, gamey rooster meat into sublime comfort food with this traditional French recipe, courtesy of epicurious.com.


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16th Street and Bethany Home Road

AKA “Mayfair Manor”

HOME STYLES: The stretch of 16th Street south of Bethany Home Road, known as the Mayfair Manor neighborhood, was a seminal development by Ralph Haver in the 1950s. The primarily single-story homes possess a mostly Mid-Century Modern look, with slanted or gabled roofs and concrete masonry.


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Fountain Hills

AKA “Playful City U.S.A.”
Steers Were Here: Prior to 1970, when McCulloch Properties (now MCO Properties, Inc.) established the town, Fountain Hills was one of the largest cattle ranching areas in the state.


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Adult Pool Parties

What’s the difference between a pool party and a pool par-tay? A cover charge and a DJ, usually. Beat the triple-digit heat at these sizzling Valley pool events.


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