Friday, May 22, 2015




This November 6, pour a flask of hooch into democracy’s collective punch bowl with your own Election Day party.

Let them eat...
Whether you’re a Romney rooter or an Obama mama, a baked confection from Honey Moon Sweets takes the cake. They’ll customize an election-themed devil’s food cake (pictured above, $90, serves 25 people) or provide you with


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The Ash Avenue Strip

AKA “Old Town Tempe”

GREEK TO US: Tempe takes its name from the Vale of Tempe in Greece.

FERRY DUST: The city, originally known as Hayden’s Ferry, incorporated in 1894.


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In the last decade, Arizona wine has gone from dubious to divine, which is great news for the Valley's viticulture vultures. Here's our guide to local wine bars, vino-centric restaurants, tastings, events, Arizona wines, vintners, and more!


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¶lim¶Local Beer

The Valley’s craft beer scene is exploding... and when the smoke clears, you’ll need a place to drink. Check out our guide to local beers, breweries, bars, drinking events, brewmeisters, and more!


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Filmic Freakout

In our cinematically-challenged Valley, we look at the weekly smattering of new indie flicks at the Harkins Camelview and consider ourselves lucky. Well, why not send your fortunes into overdrive at the Scottsdale International Film Festival? Now in its 12th season, this annual goodie-bag of art-house-filmmaking looks to be Arizona’s top fall film festival, featuring more than 30 films including The Eye of the Storm, starring Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush (Shine) and other buzzed-about films such as Denmark’s Teddy Bear, starring bodybuilder Kim Kold, and the British-Irish IRA drama Shadow Dancer, starring Clive Owen. Sounds like a lucky star to us. Runs October 5 through October 9 at Harkins Shea 14. Visit for more information.


Wurst Case Scenario

Once a year, Germany reminds the world that its penchant for fine automobiles, supermodels and efficiency is matched only by its passion for sud-soaked polka revelry. Rock the brat with this Valley Oktoberfest planner.


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F.Y.L. Scrudato


After losing his day job as a ski shop manager in 2009, F.Y.L. Scrudato decided to take a “shot” at an artistic career with custom-designed intergalactic prop ray guns. Armed only with his imagination, Scrudato salvages unusual objects from his home and local estate sales and assembles them into one-of-a-kind space-serial firearms seemingly borrowed from a Men in Black sequel.


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