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¶lim¶Secrets of the City

Tired of the tried-and-true? Does the above-board leave you feeling, well, bored? Then join us for a tour of the Valley’s hidden gems, secret shops, infamous haunts and unseen underbelly. From extra-menu eats to suburban moonshiners, we throw back the covers on the uncoverable.

How better to begin our exploration of “undergound” Phoenix than to look, literally, underground? The Valley is not an obvious hotbed for subterranean adventure – after all, we have that troublesome,


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Downtown Chandler

AKA “The Silicon Desert” 

DOCTOR’S ORDERS: Chandler was founded by veterinarian Alexander John (A.J.) Chandler on May 17, 1912, when he opened a townsite office to sell parcels of his 18,000-acre ranch south of Mesa. Chandler incorporated as a town in 1920, and was recognized as a city in 1954.


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AKA “Home of Cowboys and Caviar”

CONCEPT RECORD: Carefree Development Corp. business partners K.T. Palmer and Tom Darlington began purchasing land in 1955, and the first home was constructed in 1958.


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Outdoor Wi-Fi

Ten Great Patio Wi-Fi Spots in the Valley

JoBot Coffee Shop
918 N. Fifth St.
Phoenix, 602-228-7373
A popular spot in the downtown Phoenix arts community, JoBot is known for its savory crepes, eye-peeling espressos, and patio populated with social media addicts and hipster workaholics on laptops.  A canopy offers shade and a misting system provides relief from the heat.


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¶lim¶Get Outside!

Our splendid spring weather is a wastin’. So lose the laptop, smear on the sunblock, find your flip-flops and...


Stand-Up Paddle Boarding
Chad Brockman has been riding waves for 50 years. And while Arizona’s manmade-lake scene can’t quite compare to the tides


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Willo District

Patent place: Willo was founded by J.P. Holcomb, who used a Homestead Patent to purchase the southern portion in 1878 and a Timber Culture Land Patent to acquire the northern portion in 1886.


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AZ 100 Planner

Celebrate Arizona’s 100th birthday with these Centennial-appropriate activities.

Walk Washington
Re-create Arizona’s 1912 statehood celebration parade with a stroll along Centennial Way, the mile-long stretch of Washington Street (from Seventh to 19th Avenues) that’s become the metaphorical ribbon on Arizona’s birthday cake, with displays honoring the state’s 15 counties and 22 American Indian tribes. Finish on the steps of the Arizona Capitol Museum (1700 W. Washington St., and imagine George W.P. Hunt, a handlebar-mustachioed walrus of a man, arriving for his first day of work as Arizona’s inaugural governor., 602-532-6100


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