Friday, October 31, 2014



Fountain Hills

AKA “Playful City U.S.A.”
Steers Were Here: Prior to 1970, when McCulloch Properties (now MCO Properties, Inc.) established the town, Fountain Hills was one of the largest cattle ranching areas in the state.


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Adult Pool Parties

What’s the difference between a pool party and a pool par-tay? A cover charge and a DJ, usually. Beat the triple-digit heat at these sizzling Valley pool events.


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Rock the Boat

Enjoy Arizona’s celebrated lakes, streams and urban reservoirs with a sleek new watercraft. No pool toys, these.

Paddle Boards at Go Stand Up Paddle
40202 N. 87th Ave., Peoria
Catering to the newest Arizona water-craze, Go Stand Up Paddle satisfies your paddle board intrigue. The Riviera Voyager ($1,100) has a slick fiberglass design and is a great beginners’ board. Stand Up Paddle also offers rentals, lessons at Lake Pleasant and yoga classes – yep, yoga! – on paddle boards. Let’s hope your downward-facing dog can swim.


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The Perfect Marg

Preparing and serving a splendid margarita isn’t as easy as it looks. First rule: Dispense with any and all store-bought margarita mixes. That high-fructose sludge has no place in a discerning drinker’s glass. With that cardinal rule in mind, master mixologist Kris Korf from Scottsdale’s Citizen Public House offers this tutorial


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Lustin' for Custom

Off-the-rack is A-OK when it comes to low-fat milk and tennis shoes. But when you want to treat yourself to a one-of-a-kind ware, the Valley has plenty of talented artisans at the ready.

Guitars from Atomic Guitar Works: You want crazy? Master luthiers Tim Mulqueeny and Harry Howard will give you crazy. “Once, we had a request for a double-necked guitar shaped like a dollar sign,” Mulqueeny says. “Most of the pieces we make are more sedate, but we can do the shock-and-awe stuff, too.” The duo handcrafts up to 110 electric guitars a year, from the $995 standard Atomic model to ground-up originals and complete customs ($2,500-$4,000). 8550 N. 91st Ave., Peoria, 623-878-4127,


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Mapper's Delight

Navigate your next Arizona road trip with these fun, funky and (mostly) Southwest-produced travel guides and maps.

Wide World of Maps
Google may have cornered the street-map market, but when it comes to less trammeled tracks, nothing beats boots-on-the-ground cartography. Find an assortment of atlases, digital and historical maps, and satellite posters at this map emporium’s locations in Phoenix (2626 W. Indian School Rd.), Mesa (1444 W. Southern Ave.) and North Phoenix (17232 N. Cave Creek Rd.), 800-279-7654,


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Neighborhoods We Love

Whether you’re relocating or just recreating, the Valley’s diverse and distinctive neighborhoods offer a host of haunts to explore. From family friendly enclaves to hidden historic ’hoods, plus meccas for outdoorsy types, foodies anD creatives, here are 30 of our favorite neighborhoods.


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