Sunday, May 24, 2015

¶lim¶51 Ways to Beat the Heat

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Dear Heat,
We’re staying cool for the rest of the summer with the Valley’s iciest drinks, sweetest desserts, splashiest pools, most soothing spas, best indoor entertainment and a few super cool road trips. See you next summer…
Love, Frosty in Phoenix

Underground Drinks at the Rokerij
Dungeons get a bad rap. We associate them with shackles and iron maidens and medieval sadism, conveniently forgetting one important fact: Dungeons are fantastically well-insulated. Enter the basement bar at the Rokerij. Abutted by several thousand cubic-tons of earth and stone, the dark, den-like space looks and feels a hemisphere apart from late-summer Phoenix. Better still, owner Richardson Browne has sagely swapped out the shackles and iron maidens for tasteful Renaissance-style artwork and friendly bartenders who spin the best iTunes playlists in the Valley. With triple-digit temps soaring outside, nothing beats $5 happy hour glasses of Klinker Brick and a little Band of Horses. That’s why we’re shackled to the Rokerij.
Info: 6335 N. 16th St., Phoenix, 602-287-8900,

Beer Tasting at The Grill at TPC
With commanding 180-degree views of the verdant TP

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