Saturday, April 18, 2015



¶lim¶MD Moonlighters

PHM0415MDM01BWhen they’re not busy healing bodies and saving lives,these industrious Valley docs find time for some rather amazing side gigs.

A young girl dances joyfully. Nearby, a young woman dances seductively. Two hooky-playing boys swing on rope, laughing. A Navajo warrior stands proud, rifle in hand, while a Native mother and her child pick peaches.


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Ahwatukee (AKA “The Other Side of the Hill”)

Technically part of phoenix, Ahwatukee draws its name from one of the first homes in the foothills, the Ahwatukee Ranch, built in 1922. The word “Ahwatukee” means “house of my dreams” in the language of the Crow Nation. HIGH LIFE: The 16,000-acre South Mountain Park/Preserve borders Ahwatukee on the north. While the 2,690-foot Mount Suppoa isn’t accessible to the public, Valley residents can climb the 2,330 feet to Dobbins Lookout.


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Sell on Wheels


Wherever these mobile boutiques stop, you can shop.

Fashionable, affordable and on the move, the modern mobile boutique is the lovechild of your friendly neighborhood food truck and a hip urban clothing shop. Often featuring locally-made or designed products, fashion trucks push the pedal to the metal when it comes to inexpensive, in-vogue designs.


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Cowboy Up

PHM0415PF22FScottsdale’s eagerly anticipated West-themed museum is off to a galloping start.

On the lookout for a place to see antique David E. Walker saddles with your 5-year-old wannabe cowboy (or girl), Georgia O’Keeffe and Ed Mell paintings with your artsy friend, or pieces of Old West history such as saloon card holdouts and Navajo blankets with your parents?


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Chuckle Huts

PHM0315PF13It's a laugh a minute at Valley comedy clubs.

“The audience is the instrument you play,” comedian Louis C.K. once said. At comedy venues around the Valley, local and touring comedians – stand-up, improv, sketch and more – get a chance to jam.


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¶lim¶2015 Cactus League Preview

PHM0315CACLBy The Numbers

214,815 League-record attendance mark registered by the Chicago Cubs in 2014, their first season at  newly-built Sloan Park in Mesa.


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¶lim¶Cocktail & Bar Guide

PHM0315CTAIL01BIgnited by a new generation of gin-slinging geniuses, the craft cocktail scene is exploding across greater Phoenix. Find the Valley’s top tipples inside, with best bar picks, do-it-yourself mixology hacks, bartender profiles and more.



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