Wednesday, October 01, 2014


Total Recall

The dust-up in District 18 and the historic recall of Russell Pearce belie Arizona’s image as a “red state,” and present voters with a new political weapon.

The same day Governor Jan Brewer signed documents officially recalling Russell Pearce from the Arizona Senate, the group that organized Pearce’s recall announced

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Fiesta Forever?

In the wake of a massive scandal, the Fiesta Bowl is under new management and feeling better about itself. But is it better?

“I don’t golf,” newly-hired Fiesta Bowl Executive Director Robert Shelton says. He raises an eyebrow and smiles knowingly. No elaboration necessary. 

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Meth Revisited

The Arizona Meth Project tackled meth use with a hardcore ad campaign several years ago, but did it work? Is the coast crystal clear, or did Arizonans simply find a new drug of choice?

Five years ago, Arizona teens – and, for that matter, Arizonans across the age spectrum – saw some of the most macabre and jarring mass-culture imagery ever deployed by anti-drug advocates. One provocative TV spot depicted a teenage party girl finding her

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Sports Team Showdown

It sounds like the subject of a beer-bellied bar dispute: Who’s the best sports franchise in town? ESPN says the Coyotes, some swear by the Suns, but it depends who you ask.

Picture your favorite sports bar, then a debate raging among a few folks, all absolutely certain their team is the pinnacle of professional sports in Phoenix. There’s a Suns fan fuming about how no one can

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Off to the Races

Bone up on the Valley’s hottest political bouts with this handy Election Day handicapper.

Total Arizona Registered Voters: 3,100,575

Republican: 1,113,123 (35.9%)

Democrat: 935,098 (30.16%)

Independent: 1,025,634 (33.08%)

THE FIGHT DOCTOR: Valley political consultant Dr. Michael O’Neil (O’Neil Associates)

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