Wednesday, December 17, 2014



Popped Culture

Arizona boasts some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation. But how tough is too tough?
Beverly Mason Biggers has a good reason – the most personal of reasons, in fact – for devoting herself to the fight against drunk driving: After sucking down a dozen margaritas one evening in 1992, an inebriated driver climbed into his car and killed her brother on a Tucson roadway. She generously acknowledges that the tragedy devastated not only her family, but the driver and his family, too.>
“In the case of the man who killed my brother, he woke up not knowing what he did,” says Biggers, program specialist for the Arizona chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).


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Sheriff Joe Q&A

Outtake from our Hot Topics interview with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Russell Pearce-recall-architect Randy Parraz.

Randy Parraz, Citizens for a Better Arizona

What was the initial reaction when you announced that Citizens for a Better Arizona were pursuing a recall against Russell Pearce?
“For the most part, people said this was not possible, that we were going to embolden him when we lost, that recalls are not successful in Arizona. They thought it was a knee-jerk reaction, and I was trying to explain that this was a very well though-out strategy. Very few people had the imagination or the openness to even embrace it.”


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Total Recall

The dust-up in District 18 and the historic recall of Russell Pearce belie Arizona’s image as a “red state,” and present voters with a new political weapon.

The same day Governor Jan Brewer signed documents officially recalling Russell Pearce from the Arizona Senate, the group that organized Pearce’s recall announced


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Fiesta Forever?

In the wake of a massive scandal, the Fiesta Bowl is under new management and feeling better about itself. But is it better?

“I don’t golf,” newly-hired Fiesta Bowl Executive Director Robert Shelton says. He raises an eyebrow and smiles knowingly. No elaboration necessary. 


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Meth Revisited

The Arizona Meth Project tackled meth use with a hardcore ad campaign several years ago, but did it work? Is the coast crystal clear, or did Arizonans simply find a new drug of choice?

Five years ago, Arizona teens – and, for that matter, Arizonans across the age spectrum – saw some of the most macabre and jarring mass-culture imagery ever deployed by anti-drug advocates. One provocative TV spot depicted a teenage party girl finding her


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Sports Team Showdown

It sounds like the subject of a beer-bellied bar dispute: Who’s the best sports franchise in town? ESPN says the Coyotes, some swear by the Suns, but it depends who you ask.

Picture your favorite sports bar, then a debate raging among a few folks, all absolutely certain their team is the pinnacle of professional sports in Phoenix. There’s a Suns fan fuming about how no one can


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Off to the Races

Bone up on the Valley’s hottest political bouts with this handy Election Day handicapper.

Total Arizona Registered Voters: 3,100,575

Republican: 1,113,123 (35.9%)

Democrat: 935,098 (30.16%)

Independent: 1,025,634 (33.08%)

THE FIGHT DOCTOR: Valley political consultant Dr. Michael O’Neil (O’Neil Associates)


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