Monday, March 30, 2015



Masters of the Uterus

The recent flurry of female-related legislation has lead many to declare – and deny – the existence of a War on Women. As usual, Arizona finds itself on the front lines.

Two thousand fifty. That’s approximately the number of legal provisions introduced nationally in 2011 and early 2012 related to women’s reproductive health and rights. Thought we were in the Year of an Election? The Year of Recession Recovery? The Year of the Dragon? Nope, it’s the Year of the Uterus. And Uterus Central is Arizona. 


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Class Dismissed

As the constitutionality of Arizona’s ethnic studies classes law is debated in court, the question still simmers: How can schools teach American history without marginalizing – or militarizing – some groups of students?


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Drug Edicts

Useful information about the newly-illicit “bath salt” narcotics profiled in this month’s Hot Topics. Chemicals commonly found in “bath salts”:

* - currently unrestricted, but could be prosecutable under the Federal Analog Act

+ - banned in Arizona
# - federally banned


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Wave of Madness

Despite a marketing whitewash and new state laws, “bath salts” remain Arizona’s latest dangerous designer drug of choice – and a thriving local industry.


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¶lim¶Hidden Cultures: Refugees

Phoenix isn’t famous for its diversity. But peer into its margins, and you’ll find a city flush with people from around the world. In the final installment of a three-part series, we delve into the Valley’s Sudanese, Bhutanese and Burmese refugee communities.

South Sudanese {Lost Boys}

Population: Approximately 8.2 million
Estimated population of Sudanese refugees in Phoenix: 1,700


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Hunger Games

Proposed federal cutscould have devastating effects on the one in six Arizonans who use food stamps. But can we afford to feed millions of people?


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Purple Reign?

Staunchly-red Arizona is looking a bit more blue in 2012. Are we poised to become a swing state?

It’s Election Day at CNN headquarters in Washington, D.C. The polls on the east coast closed three hours ago, and the returns are electrifying: Buoyed by projected wins in the swing states of Florida and North Carolina, Republican challenger Mitt Romney has opened a


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