• Collections DepartmentWe are what we collect, as some experts say. We profile Phoenix’s most impressive collections and the people behind them to find out if that’s true.
  • A Cotton TaleIn this installment of our Five Cs series, we weave together the past, present and future of the fluffy fiber that became the fabric of our lives.
  • Navajo NationYa’at’eeh, or hello, from the sovereign nation on the northern border of Arizona, where explore the customs, culture and stunning natural beauty of its community.
  • Arizona Trail – SouthShare your Arizona trail adventures on our monthly hiking page.
  • Valley Hiking GuideSingling out the best hiking trails in the Valley of the Sun can be intimidating. That’s why we went to the experts for advice. Happy trails!
  • The Last Last LookWe bid a wistful adieu to our history-minded last page.
  • Chopped “Salad”Phoenix’s Salad Bowl football game and parade debuted in 1948, only to wilt nine years later.
  • Man with the PlansAfter developing a couple of Colorado towns – ever hear of Telluride? – real estate visionary Ron Allred sets his sights on Arizona’s historical inns.
  • Michael LanierThe floral wunderkind’s green thumb is on the pulse of the local plant scene.
  • The Ripple EffectPhoenix Public Library shuffles services after water damage shutters Burton Barr Central Library.

Valley News

Valley News

The Lobby

Things we love and loathe this month

Drink This


Coco Verde

We’re loco for Casa Añejo’s sophisticated riff on the piña colada.



Collections Department

In his famous collection of children’s poetry Where the Sidewalk Ends, late author Shel Silverstein writes of a fellow who collects bits of string, dolls with broken heads, copper keys that fit ...

Food Reviews

Food Reviews

Up with Protein!

A new wave of flesh-forward Valley restaurants will make meat maniacs flip.



Valley Hiking Guide

Singling out the best hiking trails in the Valley of the Sun can be intimidating, given the hundreds of celebrated contenders that spread across Greater Phoenix like a spiderweb.



Art Break: Studio Snapshot with Seth Fairweather

Glassblower Seth Fairweather fuses glass and metal in his enigmatic figures.



Michael Lanier

The floral wunderkind’s green thumb is on the pulse of the local plant scene.

Food Scene

Three Bites

Medicinal Pot

Feeling peckish? Remedy the problem with one of the Valley’s afternoon tea experiences.



The Last Last Look

We bid a wistful adieu to our history-minded last page.


Visual Arts

What's Up with Phoenix Fashion? A Look at Tempe's LabelHorde Show

The good and the weird at LabelHorde’s Fashion Show from an intern who is no fashion expert. ...

Web Extras

Web Extras

Sage Advice

Downtown phoenix’s premier plant guy Michael Lanier spreads his green thumb love with helpful hints and clever tricks to keep your garden – or at least that succulent on your desk – ...



Recipe Friday: Fruitcake Bread Pudding

For those of you who like the flavor of fruitcake but are wary of the dense texture, Tammie Coe of Tammie Coe Cakes has a recipe tailor made for you. “I like to make bread pudding out of anythin...

Best New Restaraunts

Food Reviews

2016 Best New Restaurants

Clasp your cufflinks and polish your pearls – PHOENIX magazine's black-tie salute to the best in Valley dining is back for 2016. Warning: The contents of this feature may result in food comas and uncontrollable grazing. ...

More Videos

How to Make a Poke Bowl

Poke, if you haven't noticed, is trending. Learn how to make a fish bowl at home with a step-by-step video by Best of the Valley winner Chula Seafood. Read more in the August 2017 issue of PHOENIX magazine

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