Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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Top Docs History 1995-2015

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Top Docs, we did some housekeeping. Through the upheaval of the Internet Age, our Top Docs database hadn’t changed much since 1995. Which is to say: It was still a stack of back issues piled in a closet.

We resolved to update our system. First, we broke open the PHOENIX magazine morgue and pulled our past Top Docs issues. Then we painstakingly catalogued every physician selected for Top Docs distinction over the issue’s 20-year history, from pediatrician Neil Aaron to psychiatrist Kenneth Zwier, and stored them on a
spreadsheet. Finally, we crunched the 2,457 names to bring you these fun facts and all-time rankings. Salud.

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2015 Top Doctors

521 of the Valley’s Best Doctors/ Top Doctors 1995-2015/ 20th Anniversary Edition

PHOENIX magazine published its first list of the Valley’s best doctors in 1995. Twenty years and 2,457 peer-selected physicians later, Top Docs is our most popular annual issue – a trusted and venerable resource for local medical care. Find our 2015 list in this special commemorative edition, along with up close and personal profiles of docs in different specialties, history and all-time rankings.

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¶lim¶Risky Business

PHM0415WD01XMedical marijuana’s secret benefactors include some of the Valley’s most prominent business people – and some are no longer worried about remaining secret.

It doesn’t take long, surveying the parade of guests arriving at the exclusive Big Game Big Give charity bash at Matt and Erika Williams’ 20,000-square-foot estate on north Invergordon Road, to realize this is not the Paradise Valley Super Bowl party George Clooney was rumored to be attending.

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¶lim¶Arizona Meditation Guide

PHM0415AMG01BYour path to relaxation, inner peace & lower blood pressure begins here.

You walk into a dusky room lit only by sprays of afternoon light filtering in through a few windows. A dozen silk yoga hammocks are suspended from wooden beams slightly lower than the ceiling in the Agave Center at Miraval, a health and wellness resort in Tucson

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Geared Science

PHM0415PF26BPedal through Valley Bike Month with local cycling clubs.

Park the car in the garage for the day and grab your helmet and bike instead. April is Valley Bike Month, and Valley Metro is sponsoring events all month, from family-friendly rides to a two-day bike festival. There’s beauty to discover while biking in this city, but it's hard to see from behind your car windshield as you zoom down Scottsdale Road at 50 mph. Novice or avid cycler, let this month inspire you to pedal your way around town with these year-round bike clubs.

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Shuttlecock Rock

PHM0115Flash-1-ShuttlecockMake friends and burn calories with a classic racquet sport.

“People think of badminton as a backyard, picnic sport. They don’t realize how many calories you can burn in an hour or two,” says Phoenician Douglas Towne, who has played the sport for 20 years.

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¶lim¶41 Local Hikes

PHM 500x500 FPOOn your feet, Phoenicians! You happen to live in America’s premier hiking town. From the White Tanks to the peaks of South Mountain, find an invigorating and scenic holiday calorie-buster near you.

Hike City, USA

Where does Phoenix rank in the pantheon of great American hiking metros? “You want my biased opinion?” asks PHOENIX magazine hiking guru Mare Czinar. “It’s the best.” Consider: The Valley has not one, not two, but three world-class hiking mountains in its city core, plus dozens of lesser-known trails on the metro fringe, plus hundreds of wilderness hikes within a three-hour drive.

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